E3Live 30 Day Challenge – Marina Week 2

Marina, a busy Bikram Yoga studio owner/teacher finished week 2 of her E3Live 30 Day Challenge. She says: “I’m so thankful for my E3Live BrainON!!! It gave me the boost i needed to teach class!”  Read all about her Week 2 experience here:

Marina - Week 2Monday Day 8

I woke up at the crack of Dawn for my 6 am class!!
seriously this would not be possible!!
Kept me going I have a busy day today …tomorrow is a friends Birthday and therefore in between my classes I must go and get cake and food !! I also Had a Doctors appointment…. You see while we where building out my Studio I sliced my foot, me being the baby I am with needles I refused to go and get stitches….and me being so determined I managed to work out and teach on my bad sliced DEEP toe…well it wasn’t healing as quick,and everyone was fearful of infections…..call me crazy BUT since I started taking the E3Live Brainon….the deep cut that hadn’t healed in 3 weeks all of a sudden was finally closing….at first I thought it was in my head….but literally in 6 days the inflammation went down and the Cut FINALLY closed…..When I went to the doctor he couldn’t believe in the last 9 days since he saw me how much different it looked!! and of course NO INFECTION!!  YAY!!!
AS usual I took my Renewme before lunch which holds me up pretty well not to overeat!!
Took my Brain On in the morning!! Taught class
came home prepared food and cake for my friends Birthday lunch!!
I forgot to take my Renewme before lunch.
so when the cake came out…….. Yes it was ugly….i dove in and didn’t come up for air!!
UGH i’m going to HATE myself tomorrow!!
I had ok energy for my evening class
I FELT very sick this morning!!!
Had my BrainOn and Green smoothie to “balance” out the bad I put into my body yesterday!!!
It was a very hard LONG day
the Renew me and the shot of BrainOn in the afternoon helped allot!!!! I had to teach and then go pick up my best friend from the air port who came to visit me!!


Happy Birthday To me !!! My Best friend  and I woke up  made some Green juice and drank my Birthday Shot of E3Live BrainOn!!
 Times have changed 🙂
I Have a LONG day ahead of me so those two things kept me nice and energetic!!
Had gluten Free Birthday Cake in the evening!!
4 am wake up call  for 6 am Thavma Yoga!!!  Took my E3Live Brainon and off we went!!! Had a very Carb Over load eating day today ( i must say because of all the Birthdays this month, it doesn’t look like I will kick my sugar habit so easily like I want!!!)
even had cheese free Pizza today.(basically bread sauce and veggies).. OH NO
OH the Pizza foggy Haze the next day!!! THIS is brutal!!! Its unbelievable what gluten can do to you…and although it tastes yummy at the time of eating it, the things it does to your body are horrific…..I get this brain fog the next day and days after and my joints ache and are stiff and of course the Tummy Bloat,all of which are a DEADLY mix when  practicing Yoga in a Hot room …I know my practice will suffer today!!
I took BrainOn before I taught ….the haze and Fog cleared IMMEDIATELY when i took it!!
and Renew me before I practiced ….PERFECT I was able to do my practice with less pain then I normally would have had after such gluttony!!
Success I was able to go through out my day feeling some what normal!!!
Easter/Birthday Celebration
I had my closest friends over for Easter And Birthday Celebration!!
Which means 5 Bottles of Champagne, some wonderful canapés ,and great conversation outside by the lake!!
I knew as we finished that Final Bottle that tomorrow was going to be pain full, but it has been a great day!!
Happy Easter All!!!
(i didnt take today my E3 BrainOn…..didn’t mix well with Champagne 🙂
OH the PAIN !!!!!  4 am wake up for 6 am class!!!
I don’t know if I can do this!!!! Many times I thought I couldn’t!!
So Thankful for my E3Live BrainON!!! It gave me the boost i needed to teach that class….but i have 3 more classes after this and the possibilities of me surviving are Slim!!  I guess I was wrong though, I took a couple more BrainOn shots then usual and my Renew me and  I went through my day, yes struggling Physically but mentally I was able to give 100% to my students like they deserve!! Just because I celebrated Yesterday doesn’t mean they need to suffer through a bad class because of that!!  THANK YOU E3LIVE BRAIN ON!!!!
By my 6 pm class I had even beaten the head ache and Tummy ache Champagne day after affects!! and I was able to give them 110% , I think I was even a little TOO energetic in class , keeping them a wee bit longer in the postures then normal 🙂   !!!
Cheer Marina and the other participants on in the #e3live30daychallenge by following them on http://www.E3LiveChallenge.com – and do your own E3Live challenge too! #e3live #brainon #bikramyoga #whatareyouwaitingfor #bikramyoga @mizboura17

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