Delores Lost 4lbs this Week!!! – Week 3

Here is the latest from Delores:


Good Morning Fam and what a morning it is! This is the best start to my day. This week has been crazy, and I have not had a chance to really get in the gym. Even with all that I managed to eat right and E3 Live did the rest!!!

I lost (drum roll please) 4 pounds this week!!!! Yeah, so I know what it will do when I hit the gym hard…. Loving my E3 Live challenge it works hard even when I am not!!!! I will post pictures and measurements later.


Delores: GYM night! Time to put in hard work!!! NoPain #NoGain – Week 2

Delores Trainer

Beginning of Week 2 for Delores and her 90 Day E3Live Challenge.  She started working out with her trainer: Brian Wolfe.

So not only is she taking E3Live products and changing the way she eats – Delores is also “crunching” it at the gym!

She says: GYM night! Time to put in hard work!!! NoPain #NoGain

Good morning fam! Yesterday was great! I felt the burn of my workout and still feel it this morning! Excited about today’s workout “legs”!

Way to go Delores!!!

Delores: “I Felt Like I’ve Been 21 All Week!!!!” – Day 6-7

Delores lost inches!!!!

“Good morning fam! I am so excited this morning! I weighed in and took my measurements and all I can say is thank you E3 Live! It works its proven itself time and time again! I will share the results with you later today! So excited about my progress I’m going to celebrate with my weight at the gym! Throwing it a going away party! E3live – Thank You!!!! Love you fam!!!!”


And here is her video where she tells you “I felt like I’ve been 21 all week!!!” Delores also talks about how she went from being the Binging “Cookie Monster” to teaching herself how to grab for celery and fruit.  “Keep up with me!” – Delores asks.  Let’s keep up with Delores and support her in her E3Live 90 Day Challenge!!!

Meet Delores! Start of the Challenge Video – Day 4-5

Watch this video of Delores as she tells why she started the E3Live 90 Day Challenge and what goals she has for the next 3 months.  You can do it Delores!

Plus here are her words:

Good morning fam! Blessed and favored this morning to see another day! Started my day off with a glass of Apple juice with a teaspoon of Brain On and some Renew me! After warming up and stretching I started jumping jacks, push ups, lunges, and dead lifts! What a rush!! Ready to take on Life full of energy and focus! So far all my exercise has been done at home using only my body strength and will power! I am telling you I feel 21 all over again! Well time to exceed all my daily goals but I will check in with you later! Be a blessing and make a change for the better!

Delores “Crushed that Treadmill!” – Day 3

Delores is moving along in her E3Live 90 Day Challenge – taking E3Live products, watching what she eats and working out.  Here are her Day 3 thoughts and motivational quotes:GoDelores

Good morning fam!!!! Started the day of with a teaspoon of Brain On in my favorite juice followed by some Renew Me!!! Crushed that treadmill, arms were screaming mercy from them power push ups.. I know this is too much energy for most of you but you can have it too!!! My weekly weigh in is coming and I am excited! I have been able to push myself like never before and can already see the results….

Today’s Quote: “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live” ~ Jim Rohn

“In order to change we must be sick and tired of being sick and tired.” ~Unknown

Bedtime Wisdom: “There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them.” ~Dr. Denis Waitley

Delores Wants You to Share Her Story! – Day 2

Here is the latest from Delores – during the first week of her E3Live 90 Day Challenge!  She is sharing her journey with you – showing before photos and stats.  Delores wants you to check in with with support and encouragement she may need during difficult times – and hopes you’ll share her story with those that need motivation.  Go Delores!!!!

Hey fam,

I wanted to share my story with you about a journey that I am currently on.  This last year has not always been easy but it has been blessed.  I am not looking for financial support but mental support. This is a very big event and I have the backing of a phenomenal deloresb4-1 deloresb4-2deloresb4-5deloresb4-4company that believes in my story and want to be a part!  I have partnered with E3 Live for a 90 day challenge to lose 30 pounds with the support of their organic products.   Many of you we have shared good times, conversations, traded advice, prayed and cried together even though we are hundreds of miles away from each other!  I only ask that you check out my blog site the company has started of my progress and journey! They believe in me but I will need support of my friends and family so I am reaching out to you for the same.  Please check it out and leave me a supportive message.  I can and will use them during the hard times and when I feel like giving up.

I only wish that you will continue to check in on me and maybe share my story with others that you may think need the same motivation.  It took someone to believe in me to get me here you never know who is looking for the same.

There will be videos’ and pictures shared over the next 90 days and I hope to see you there! Thank you in advance for the prayers and support.


Be Blessed

Delores gets Fired Up! for her E3Live 90 Day Challenge – Day 1

Soon you’ll meet (on video) the fabulous Delores Travis – our first participant in the E3Live Challenge!  She inspired us to partner with her on a 90 day quest for weight loss and better health.  E3Live products will be a part of her every day regime and she’ll share her story right here.  She’s got her whole town fired up about it!  And we are too!


Here are her words from her first day of the challenge:

“Good morning fam! It’s 4am and its time for some E3 Live (Brain On -For Mental Clarity) and a protein shake for my morning wake up workout! #LetsGetIt! #FiredUp it’s going to be a great day!”

“Well my day has been fantastic so far! Energy is up clarity and focus are on point! I feel like I am 21 and I have not seen that in a long time! LOL, fam you have to check out these awesome products from E3 Live. They have changed my mood, sugar levels, and focus in ways that I didn’t think was possible. This is coming from someone that is ADD!!! My productivity is phenomenal because I am able to focus! My big boss from TX is here and he was like what are you taking I need some of that… ( I am not selling this but I support what I believe in) check it out it’s real! All organic… Best thing I have ever done for myself!!!”

“Hey Fam! Well today was the first official day of my 90 day challenge!! It was fantastic! For those of you that don’t know me I want to share my story! I am a 40 year old young lady lol. I used to smoke about a year and a half ago but I quit with the help of God. Since then I have packed on the weight substituting food for the loss of cigarettes. I am 5’5 and 100 pounds overweight and as of Friday have been told that I am pre diabetic which all of us know is the number one killer of African Americans. So I decided to make my own path and step out on faith and contact E3 Live about a challenge to help me get healthy, learn how to eat clean, and to lose weight! They accepted and here we are! My first goal is to lose 30 pounds in 90 days. What I am looking for us support from all of you! So I ask that you check out the blog they have set up and I will be recording my journey and posting it! E3 Live is all organic straight from God himself. I hope you will join me and help I can motivate others as we move along this path! May my light shine on someone else’s path that is looking for a way out! Please check my site for the blog as the company posted a link a hour ago! Stay tuned cause this is going to be good! Before pictures will be posted soon!”

THE E3LIVE CHALLENGE – Helping People Get Healthy!

As the New Year approaches, many want to “UNDO” Holiday excesses.  Most of us think of what can we take off?  Inches, pounds, calories, fat, flab – you name it!  We think it’s all about appearance. As you carve out your new existence, it’s important to fortify your body with good nutrition, to nourish and replenish.  E3Live, fresh-frozen AFA (Aphanizomenon flos-aquae) has over 65 vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential fatty acids and is considered by world renowned health authorities to be nature’s most beneficial superfood.  E3Live is a great addition to any get fit program! E3LiveshotglassLake

Here at E3Live we were recently inspired by one of our clients to start an E3Live Challenge  – to Help People Get Healthy!  Delores Travis will be documenting her 90 Day journey right here on this blog.  She’ll outline her goals, her plan of action, show photos and video and bring us along on her adventure.  During her quest, she has been armed with E3Live products which she’ll be taking on a daily basis and documenting how she feels physically, mentally and emotionally.  It’s interesting to see what goals people have at the start of challenges – as mentioned before many just think of the physical changes they desire.  What comes at the end of the challenge could be much more than they imagined.  For example – overheard in a yoga studio:  “I came in for a get-fit lift and left with an uplift!”

We’re excited for you to join Delores in her E3Live 90 Day Challenge!  And looking forward to inspiring you to start your own.

With love,

Your E3Live Family