E3Live 30 Day Challenge – Join our Participants!

We recently chose 10 self motivated individuals who will take E3Live products every day for 30 days PLUS exercise – with the goal of getting fit and healthy.  They will share their journey with you and we hope you’re motivated to  join them with your own E3Live 30 Day challenge!  Get ready to get fit and healthy this spring with our diverse group of participants – cheer them on – their stories are coming soon!  Make sure you share and post your own E3Live 30 Day Challenge story #e3live30daychallenge #e3live #getfitandhealthy #30daychallenge  Get ready for 30 Days of FUN!!!


Delores is going to Kick it Up Another Notch! – Day 52

Watch this video where Delores tells us what’s up at Day 52 of her E3Live 90 Day Challenge. She is 3 lbs and 15 inches down, has stopped binging, drinks more water, has extra focus – and has done things she hasn’t done since High School! DeloresLifestyle “I’m looking forward to the next 38 days and beyond. Because this is a lifestyle change, it’s not just a diet.” “I can tell the difference and I can see the difference.” We’re behind you all the way Delores! Here is her video:

Delores: I’m Gifted with Life and Health!! – Day 41

Good Morning to you Delores!  Here is her latest from Day 41 – almost halfway there:

Good Morning, Good Morning!!!!  Excited to be here another day!!! Gifted with Life and Health!! E3Live has been a part of my daily routine for me over the last 40 days and if you have been keeping up you have heard about the results and progress!!!Delores40days

This product has changed my LIFE! Mentally and Physically!! I feel better, I have clearer skin, more energy, more focus, mentally prepared for the day! Thanks to E3Live  I am at my best daily… I have a new video that will be posted later this week… Thanks for all the support and stay Encouraged!!!!

Drop the blame & reclaim your power. No one can “make” you feel happy OR sad. Your attitude is entirely up to YOU.

We’re there with you Delores keep up the good work!

Delores says: E3Live is the Best Thing I’ve Ever Tried! – Week 6

Here’s the latest from Delores:

427662_10151694005453504_1707044265_n“So here is another update on my E3 Live Challenge. Since life decides it wanted to give me a few hurdles on the way, I slacked off about a week to regroup and take care of the fam!

So my weigh in was not what I would have liked to to but I still lost 3 pounds!!! Which is excellent considering I didn’t workout much! Last week was my first week back to the gym and boy did I feel great!! Overall body performance was like I never skipped a beat!

E3 Live is still the best thing I have ever tried! It out performs all my expectations even when I am not giving my all! E3 Live is all I can say! More to come!!!”

We’re looking forward to hearing more from Delores about her E3Live 90 Day Challenge!

Delores: GYM night! Time to put in hard work!!! NoPain #NoGain – Week 2

Delores Trainer

Beginning of Week 2 for Delores and her 90 Day E3Live Challenge.  She started working out with her trainer: Brian Wolfe.

So not only is she taking E3Live products and changing the way she eats – Delores is also “crunching” it at the gym!

She says: GYM night! Time to put in hard work!!! NoPain #NoGain

Good morning fam! Yesterday was great! I felt the burn of my workout and still feel it this morning! Excited about today’s workout “legs”!

Way to go Delores!!!

Delores: “I Felt Like I’ve Been 21 All Week!!!!” – Day 6-7

Delores lost inches!!!!

“Good morning fam! I am so excited this morning! I weighed in and took my measurements and all I can say is thank you E3 Live! It works its proven itself time and time again! I will share the results with you later today! So excited about my progress I’m going to celebrate with my weight at the gym! Throwing it a going away party! E3live – Thank You!!!! Love you fam!!!!”


And here is her video where she tells you “I felt like I’ve been 21 all week!!!” Delores also talks about how she went from being the Binging “Cookie Monster” to teaching herself how to grab for celery and fruit.  “Keep up with me!” – Delores asks.  Let’s keep up with Delores and support her in her E3Live 90 Day Challenge!!!