E3Live 30 Day Challenge – Marina is Finished!

MarinaMarina a Bikram Yoga studio owner/teacher was hoping to lose weight in the E3Live 30 Day Challenge.  She finished the challenge and didn’t meet her goal – but she had energy and accomplished everything she needed for her business.  She will continue to take BrainON and RenewMe  “because it does help me with my energy levels,”  Marina says “I’m going to incorporate it because I love it!”

Watch what Marina has to say here:

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E3Live 30 Day Challenge – Marina – Week 3

Marina a super busy Bikram Yoga teacher/studio owner finished week 3 of her E3Live 30 Day Challenge.  She is taking E3Live + BrainON and also RenewMe every day for 30 days.  After teaching 4 classes she said: “I think this BrainOn renew me combo is AMAZING!! I was really really still energized after!!”  She also loves E3Live for beach days and says,  “What a GREAT combo Beach and E3live …..it put me in the BEST mood!!”

Marina - week 3Here is what Marina has to say about week 3:



Well The champagne after affects had worn off….BUT my energy was low because of the dehydration . My Best Friend is in town still, one more week and in between my FULL work schedule of teaching and Practicing (a 3 hour gap) Im going to Try and show her as much of the Beauty of this area as possible! Today we go to Lido Beach…. one of the most beautiful beaches here and St Armand’s!! But Before we go I have a class to teach at 9:30 am I take my Brain On in the morning for a little bit of a pick me up….. I think i needed more though because I was still dragging during my class, which I know had  LOADS to do with my dehydration,I was in the Hot room 6 hours yesterday on top of being a little bit Hung over.  I had a Coconut water after class and another Shot of the BrainOn before heading to the beach!  At the Beach we took some refreshing fruits to snack on, a little Beach, Sun,  fruits and my extra shot of E3live Brain On, I was back to my usual energetic self!!  Good thing because we were on the road again to head back to studio so I can teach that evenings class!!  What a GREAT combo Beach and E3live …..it put me in the BEST mood!!  That night we got home and ate a lite Spinach salad with Basil Olive oil with chopped up strawberries and walnuts YUM!!!!


Eating so lightly yesterday helped me sleep like a BABY!!! Woke up so refreshed and energized, made a Green Smoothie (Kale,Spinach,lemons,green apples Cucumber,ginger,chili pepper) and took my E3 live Brain On shot!! ready to face the day!!  Today in between classes the tour of Sarasota/Manatee Continues…….after class took my E3 Renew me pills……. and off we went for SHOPPING!!!!!  Being that it technically Still is my Birthday Month, I shopped until i Dropped (literally)  It probably doesn’t sound like a tourist destination, the Mall…but this is my best friend we are talking about and she is a Fellow Fashionista!!!  Therefore Shopping is ALWAYS on the agenda!!!  Great fun!!  Back to the studio we came,this time to practice together!!  Hadn’t had much time to eat while we shopped(good thing for the Renew Me, it curbed any appetite i may have had) so after class we were famished…… We had a great Salad again for dinner and for dessert she made me her Famous Banana “ice Cream”  OH MY YUM  It’s basically frozen bananas blended in a Vitamix….we did ours Rum Raison and walnut style  Basically added raisins soaked in rum, cinnamon, all spice, and walnuts!!  SO GOOD!!!  I recommend anyone to try to make this….SO much healthier and yummier then ice cream!!


This is my long day , my hubby went and opened the studio for the other teacher to teach and I was able to sleep in, because The next two days are brutal, teaching a triple today (one private and 2 regular classes ) and a Quadruple tomorrow   Took my Brainon And my Renew me this morning so i can keep up with this pace!!!  First I went to teach my Private Lesson,  Not much time between my private and my classes to do much … so stayed at studio until my next classes…took more Renew Me and ate fruits to keep me going! and then taught my two Hot Yoga Classes, which I  gave 110% , both where big classes and my students needed me to be ON for them, so glad I had my Renew me to keep me going!  But once i was finished I was TOAST ,came home at 10 EXHAUSTED!!!!  Off to bed because Im Up at 4 am tomorrow!!!


Teaching 4 classes today!!!  Took 2 shots of the E3 Brain ON …….im going to need it!! woke up at 4 am to teach the 6 am!! I was able to give a pretty decent class!! then rested a moment before teaching the 9:30  Had my Private at 12 went home had another shot of the BrainON ……. boy did i need it…did a little Pool Sun Time (which as we know goes great with the E3Live for that extra zingy pick me up!! and off we went for the 4 pm! By the time the 4 finished I thought i was going to be exhausted but I was not…..hmmm I think this BrainOn renew me combo is AMAZING!! I was really really still energized after!!  My Husband is such an amazing man and made us his superb home made Pizzas( no Cheese for us girls …just mushrooms, tomatoes , green peppers)  For dinner we went to town on those pizzas! ( I knew very well that my body will not be happy with the flour I just put in it…..but wasn’t going to think about that  right now, Im just going to enjoy every last slice….which we ate with arugula and avocado and it was delightful!!) More banana “ice cream” For dessert

Saturday : Well as usual the gluten Hang over settled in the next day and my Joints where stiff and UNHAPPY!!! I taught the 8 am then My best friend Taught the 10 am and I took her class.I was struggling ALLOT in her class I forgot to take my BrainOn in the Morning because we rushed off….that in Conjunction with the carb/pizza joint swelling made my Bikram Practice one of the most difficult ones yet!  You see when you eat so clean mainly and then practicing  A regular Bikram Yoga Practice you learn that when you put “bad” things in your body, you WILL feel it during your Yoga practice, Your joints will be stiff and achey, your stomach will feel bloated and you will get nauseas and a terrible head ache ALL the signs of detox…..You get the “pay Back” in the Hot Room from what you put your poor body through. When you eat a diet of Sugars, and Bad fats ,and eat “fast food” and or Processed food (which I dont , but even the slight bread or cake binge i go on i can still feel it)Your body, that already does SO much for you has to work EXTRA hard to rid it of the junk you put into it. Its time to start taking care of your Body and loving it, giving it things like E3 LIVE BRAIN ON ,and Renew Me, doing regular fitness activity and if you can a Hot Yoga class here or there( the sweating is a great way to push out some of the nasty things you put in it), go on a few Juice cleanses ,and eat clean, do this for your body because its your temple and its all you have,so protect it and love it so it can keep you going for a long beautiful life!!

That Afternoon I had another teacher teaching But decided I wanted to sweat out completely the bread I had eaten the day before and make up for the difficult practice I had in the AM. I made sure to take my BrainOn and Renew me this time.  I was able to finally practice side by side with my Best Friend after all this, her and I I met at Teacher Training and we used to Practice Together every day for 9 weeks at Training , but since Graduating life had kept us apart and we had practiced together since. It was the most beautiful practice I enjoyed every second of it, and my body was back to its regular level capabilities!!!
SUNDAY Had my Morning Double teaching class!! Took my BrainOn and a Green Juice!  Then I made a BAD CALL, I kept my belly empty for the rest of the day because  i was teaching ,went straight to the beach one last time with my best friend, and then was to busy getting  ready for us to go out to dinner that evening!! I also made the mistake of Not taking my Renew Me before dinner, there for that and in combination with not eating…..I over indulged in Yummy Greek Food…..im Greek and I know the Mediterranean diet is so good for you….BUT in moderation, NOT everything all in one sitting …UGH STUFFED!!  All in all OF COURSE I have not lost ANY weight yet….to which this is my own fault!!!! BUT Im learning some great things along the way!!! Lets see how my final week goes !!!!!!

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E3Live 30 Day Challenge – Marina Week 2

Marina, a busy Bikram Yoga studio owner/teacher finished week 2 of her E3Live 30 Day Challenge. She says: “I’m so thankful for my E3Live BrainON!!! It gave me the boost i needed to teach class!”  Read all about her Week 2 experience here:

Marina - Week 2Monday Day 8

I woke up at the crack of Dawn for my 6 am class!!
seriously this would not be possible!!
Kept me going I have a busy day today …tomorrow is a friends Birthday and therefore in between my classes I must go and get cake and food !! I also Had a Doctors appointment…. You see while we where building out my Studio I sliced my foot, me being the baby I am with needles I refused to go and get stitches….and me being so determined I managed to work out and teach on my bad sliced DEEP toe…well it wasn’t healing as quick,and everyone was fearful of infections…..call me crazy BUT since I started taking the E3Live Brainon….the deep cut that hadn’t healed in 3 weeks all of a sudden was finally closing….at first I thought it was in my head….but literally in 6 days the inflammation went down and the Cut FINALLY closed…..When I went to the doctor he couldn’t believe in the last 9 days since he saw me how much different it looked!! and of course NO INFECTION!!  YAY!!!
AS usual I took my Renewme before lunch which holds me up pretty well not to overeat!!
Took my Brain On in the morning!! Taught class
came home prepared food and cake for my friends Birthday lunch!!
I forgot to take my Renewme before lunch.
so when the cake came out…….. Yes it was ugly….i dove in and didn’t come up for air!!
UGH i’m going to HATE myself tomorrow!!
I had ok energy for my evening class
I FELT very sick this morning!!!
Had my BrainOn and Green smoothie to “balance” out the bad I put into my body yesterday!!!
It was a very hard LONG day
the Renew me and the shot of BrainOn in the afternoon helped allot!!!! I had to teach and then go pick up my best friend from the air port who came to visit me!!


Happy Birthday To me !!! My Best friend  and I woke up  made some Green juice and drank my Birthday Shot of E3Live BrainOn!!
 Times have changed 🙂
I Have a LONG day ahead of me so those two things kept me nice and energetic!!
Had gluten Free Birthday Cake in the evening!!
4 am wake up call  for 6 am Thavma Yoga!!!  Took my E3Live Brainon and off we went!!! Had a very Carb Over load eating day today ( i must say because of all the Birthdays this month, it doesn’t look like I will kick my sugar habit so easily like I want!!!)
even had cheese free Pizza today.(basically bread sauce and veggies).. OH NO
OH the Pizza foggy Haze the next day!!! THIS is brutal!!! Its unbelievable what gluten can do to you…and although it tastes yummy at the time of eating it, the things it does to your body are horrific…..I get this brain fog the next day and days after and my joints ache and are stiff and of course the Tummy Bloat,all of which are a DEADLY mix when  practicing Yoga in a Hot room …I know my practice will suffer today!!
I took BrainOn before I taught ….the haze and Fog cleared IMMEDIATELY when i took it!!
and Renew me before I practiced ….PERFECT I was able to do my practice with less pain then I normally would have had after such gluttony!!
Success I was able to go through out my day feeling some what normal!!!
Easter/Birthday Celebration
I had my closest friends over for Easter And Birthday Celebration!!
Which means 5 Bottles of Champagne, some wonderful canapés ,and great conversation outside by the lake!!
I knew as we finished that Final Bottle that tomorrow was going to be pain full, but it has been a great day!!
Happy Easter All!!!
(i didnt take today my E3 BrainOn…..didn’t mix well with Champagne 🙂
OH the PAIN !!!!!  4 am wake up for 6 am class!!!
I don’t know if I can do this!!!! Many times I thought I couldn’t!!
So Thankful for my E3Live BrainON!!! It gave me the boost i needed to teach that class….but i have 3 more classes after this and the possibilities of me surviving are Slim!!  I guess I was wrong though, I took a couple more BrainOn shots then usual and my Renew me and  I went through my day, yes struggling Physically but mentally I was able to give 100% to my students like they deserve!! Just because I celebrated Yesterday doesn’t mean they need to suffer through a bad class because of that!!  THANK YOU E3LIVE BRAIN ON!!!!
By my 6 pm class I had even beaten the head ache and Tummy ache Champagne day after affects!! and I was able to give them 110% , I think I was even a little TOO energetic in class , keeping them a wee bit longer in the postures then normal 🙂   !!!
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E3Live 30 Day Challenge – Marina – Week 1

Marina finished Week 1 of her challenge – read her journal and see what happened!  Go Marina!


I received my E3 live on friday and decided to start my program on monday March 31
Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays are my longest days at the studio I wake up at 4 to teach the 6 am class!E3 Challenge - Marina wk 1
Thawed out a shot of brainon  had my water ….coffee( i’m european a shot of espresso is the way we start a day…)…I was a bit tired even after the espresso!
got ready and before I left took my SHOT OF E3 BRAIN ON – it really helped….usually between my 6am and 9:30 am class all I want to do is nap….NOT today I did loads of office work I needed to do,  WALKED to my bank and came back taught the 9:30 am and then had to teach a private at 12( was still going strong full of energy!!) COULDN’T BELIVE iT!!
Came home for the short 2 hour Gap I had,took my renew me, which was perfect because it sort of cut my appetite , had another Shot of BrainOn and then I was off again to teach the evening classes !!
Couldn’t take it like this the rest of the week
Day Four
Woke up Took my E3Live BRAIN ON and Practiced early morning Bikram Yoga with my Husband ! Then I had a 9:30 am class to teach and a 11:30 Private ! Usually by the time 1 pm rolls around I am so drained( but I have no time for being drained its all one me !) .
I had no time to cook so we picked up some salmon salads and as usual took the renew me before….so far so good with the diet….the RenewMe is helping  when i take it BEFORE the meal!!
Took a shot of E3 BrainOn before having to teach from 5pm to 8 pm …….yes by 9:30 when i got home i was a bit knackered , and went straight to bed!
Day Five
UP at 4 …..feeling good though took my Shot of E3 BRAIN ON before heading out to teach the class that I lead( I practice while i lead this one, so it takes more out of me, need to be VERY awake an energized for that!!…..I WAS
Taught the 9:30 am and then had the after noon off……. my husband and one of my teachers took care of opening and teaching the afternoon class!!
much needed break…… I didn’t remember to take my RenewMe BEFORE eating and because I was home and my body was “relaxing”,
my body also saw it as a time to want to EAT EVERYTHING IT could. I guess you can say its logical I was running at 100mph and with salads and protein shakes,and nuts that my body felt it needed to fuel up before i did it all over again….UNFORTUNATELY my choices where BAD…..Bread  products(yes more then just bread) (im gluten/wheat intolerant) and loads of fruits,and I know very well when I need to sculpt down to the Kilos that i wish to be “sugars” even fruit sugars are a no no,or at least a treat once or twice a week!”
I was bloated and sick by night time…..slept AWFUL that night
woke up feeling EVEN WORSE…..
I was very sluggish and still VERY BLOATED….. had to teach the 8 and the 10 Back to backs !!
OH no this will be hard I thought!!! I took my Shot of E3 Brainon
well it wasn’t that bad, i was able to go strong giving 110% during my class (I don’t like to be that teacher who sits on the teachers podium and teach while sitting, I like to walk around the room and be present to my students) but as sluggish as I was , I thought i would have had to sit,
SO THANKFUL for the E 3 Brainon……I didn’t sit once!!
Did i learn my lesson on the Food…..probably not 🙂
I’m human,and sometimes the body’s calling is stronger then the minds discipline
lets see how week 2 goes
DAY 7 Sunday!
all in all I didn’t loose any weight that I wanted this week!! 😦
Didn’t gain either ( thats a plus) 🙂
I had the pep I needed to go through my busy days!!
loved the product so far, have been telling people about it non stop!!!
Here is to another week……cheers

E3Live 30 Day Challenge – Meet Marina!

Meet Marina – a Bikram Yoga teacher who just opened a new studio! She will be taking E3Live BrainON and E3RenewMe for 30 days. Marina says she needs all the energy she can get as a new studio owner – her days are completely full. MarinaMarina wants people who visit her studio to get “miracle” life healing and health benefits,and she believes with E3Live and Yoga it can be a perfect combination!!!

Watch this video on her first day of the challenge:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vhMsopojoIM

Follow our 10 participants on this blog. And start your own E3Live 30 Day Challenge too! Wish them well! #e3live #e3live30daychallenge #bikramyoga #brainon Go Marina!