E3Live 30 Day Challenge – Brenda – Week 3

Brenda Week 3Check out Brenda – Week 3 of her E3Live 30 Day Challenge!  Brenda says, “I must say since I started the 30 day challenge, this has been my BEST WEEK so far!”
See what else Brenda has to say about week 3: E3Live 30 Day Challenge – Brenda Week 3 Video and read her journal below.
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Looking great Brenda!

E3LIVE 30 DAY CHALLENGE – DAILY JOURNAL  journal for week of: April 12th – 18th

Saturday, April 12th    – Day 15.  This is the day the Lord has made and I am rejoicing! Today is my 55 birthday and I am excited and very grateful in my heart! Another year means another chance to live life to its fullest and healthiest! I don’t think I have to tell you that my ‘birth-day’ started with a shot of E3Live BrainOn because that’s what I’ve been doing for the past 2 weeks and that’s not changing. I am assured this E3Live shot will give me the burst of energy I am going to need to celebrate this fabulously blessed day! To give you the clip notes of my amazing birthday, I spent the entire day with my awesome husband and daughter being pampered and getting my way. This day was an amazing day and I was able to hang out beyond my usual time limits and was not tired.
I forgot to mention in other post that I have been sleeping like a baby. I know for a fact that is due to this product. In the past my sleeping habits were not the best but I am proud to say…’I have been getting some good night sleeps lately”…..THANK YOU E3LIVE!
Sunday, April 13th    – Day 16
Ahhh………I still believe good things come on a Sunday morning! Woke up bright and early for morning prayer and guess what was first on my palate…..yep…….had a shot of E3Live! This was a continuation of my birthday celebration so my eating wasn’t the best this weekend. But my energy level was off the chains! As always, still taking my ReNewMe capsules with lunch. I’m loving it!
I did something I usually don’t do on Sundays but today I took a bootcamp class at my trial membership health club. I was so pumped it was actually unbelievable! One funny thing happened was that my husband was wiped out after the class and I was ready to take another class. That was awesome and all due to this product!
Monday,April 14th –Day17
6:30am – now I need my E3Live shot from all the celebrating….lol! Back to work!
Went for a 30 minute brisk walk for lunch and wish I had another hour to spare. Took my 2 RenewMe capsules after my walk along with lunch. My eating is still not it’s best cause co-workers are bringing me cookies and cakes and I can’t be rude. I have to eat them….wink!wink. I have noticed a little that my appetite has changes. I get full fast. And I know that will eventually work for my good so I’m okay with that.
Looking ahead to what the rest of the week will bring!
Tuesday, April 15th    – Day 18
5am – took my shot of E3Live straight this morning before my 5:30 cycling class! This cycling instructor is not punk so I need my E3 shot just to keep up. Can I just say this E3Live product SHOWS UP AND SHOWS OUT in whatever I’m attempting to do. Yes and Amen!
Starting my 55th year of life on this 30 day challenge is an answered prayer guys! I had a moment of wondering what would I be feeling like if I wasn’t on this 30 day challenge…..my answer: Life is too short to think about the ‘what ifs’, I am living in the moment and loving every minute of it! Got to keep it movin’ my friends
Wednesday, April 16th    – Day 19
5am – had 2 shots of E3Live this morning right before my cycling class. BAM! I was jamming in cycling class this morning. Once again E3Live to the rescue. My recovery time far exceeds my expectations.
Wish I could say the same for my eating…….! Today was my 6th birthday lunch with a good friend. Since I’ve been on this challenge, I’ve lost 3 pds so I can only pray that I don’t gain anything.
I am having a fabulous day. I am starting to hear comments such as, “your skin is so nice, slow down you are so hyped”. I promise you I have so much energy that I can’t believe I just turned 55 years young!
Thursday, April 17th    – Day 20
5am – took my shot of E3Live straight before my morning 3 mile run/walk! It took my body the first mile before E3Live kicked in but when it did, I was ready to go! This is a happy time in my life.
A surprise to myself……………..I worked out again afterwork and I was NOT tired! Once again, E3Live has shown up and showed off for meYay!
Friday, April 18th    – Day 21
I am ending my 3rd week excited and amazed at how something so simple can do so much! Speaking of E3Live that is! I am noticing a decrease in my appetite for sweets and junk food. I get full fast once I start eating. It took 3 weeks but it’s happening and I’m happy
I must say since I started the 30 day challenge, this has been my BEST WEEK so far!

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