E3RenewME helps support my joints – Andrew Weeks 4 & 5

We’re checking in with E3Live employee Andrew after he finished weeks 4 & 5 of his E3Live NEW YOU 60-Day Challenge.  He’s doing the Insanity by Beachbody workout and taking E3Live superfoods for 60 days.

How are you feeling Andrew?

JPEG image-D6768F4D260A-1Ending week 4 and 5, i feel pretty good. After week 4, I was pretty tired physically. Luckily week 5 of Insanity is a somewhat of a break. There is still cardio and balance, but it is a light load. I feel pretty good mentally, I have court coming up soon for divorce proceedings and I feel pretty good about it. I think it is due to the products I am taking from E3Live and the exercise that I am getting done. I feel like I am getting my body back to were it was – which I think also helps my mind emotionally.

Any changes you notice?

I am getting stronger, more flexible, and I feel healthier. 

Are you meeting your goals/are you on target?

So far

Are you following a specific diet if so, what is it?

I haven’t deviated from it.  Sticking with my normal diet.

Any changes you notice since taking E3Live products?

Throughout this insane workout, I have not had any knee issues like I have had in the past, my shoulders have not been popping and cracking, and I attribute this to the benefits E3RenewME. I take 4.8 grams of RenewME everyday or 6-800mg capsules. E3RenewME really helps to support my joints and body aches! 

Get inspired by Andrew and do your OWN E3Live Challenge!  You’ll FEEL the difference!  Learn more:  www.E3LiveChallenge.com


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