E3Live keeps my Energy Up – Andrew Week 7

Andrew is almost at the finish line of his 60 day E3Live NEW You Challenge!

He says, “Between work full time (and more), divorce trial, this insane exercise, and kids. I am glad I have my algae to keeIMG_0939p my energy up and my mind clear, so that I can continue pushing forward for the benefit of my children and myself.”

How you feel physically, mentally and emotionally?

Following week 7, I am physically and mentally tired. I had a lot going on this week and had to skip 3 days of the Insanity by Beachbody routine, but tried to do as much as possible.  

Any changes you notice?

I am getting stronger, more flexible, and I feel healthier.

Are you meeting your goals/are you on target?

I had to skip some days

No time like the present!  Jump in and do your own E3Live challenge – exercise + E3Live – and you’ll notice a difference!


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