E3Live 30 Day Challenge – Sejal is Finished!

Sejal – a 23 year old working full time and studying for graduate school just finished her E3Live 30 Day Challenge!  She says, “E3Live changed me – I’m going to do it the rest of my life!”  and “it’s not the end, it’s just the beginning.”  Way to go Sejal!
Week 4 of E3 Live.
E3Live has been a total life changer. Since taking E3Live, I feel like my body has been “detoxified.” My every day cravings of chocolate and coffee are old news. I am so happy that this has been introduced to my life, it is something I will not stop taking! I would like to thank the E3Live team for giving me this life changing opportunity! 🙂
Monday – rough morning. Got up, took some E3Live and drank 3 glasses of water. Woke myself up and made an egg white omelet full of veggies and headed off for a day of work. For lunch, I had a salad. Around 2 PM i took a break and had some yogurt, and took some more E3Live. For dinner, I ate some lentils. I went to the gym and put up an intense fight with some cardio. I headed to bed around 11:00.
Tuesday – woke up feel great – gave myself my morning twist with some e3 live and had some cereal and headed to work. For lunch, I had a wrap, tasted great and felt great. Took some more e3 in the afternoon and myself myself some yummy hold grain pasta with veggies. After dinner, went to the gym and did about 40 min of cardio and about 20 min of weights.
Weds – hump day! last hump day of the challenged. I made myself a smoothie with some strawberries, mangos, lettuce and coconut milk (don’t forgot the e3 live!!). Boy did i feel energized. During lunch, I had a salad. I did take e3 live again during the afternoon. For dinner, I made myself some thai noodles. Went to the gym and did 1 hr of zumba. Was feeling that good kind of tired by the end of today!
Thursday – made myself a fruit breakfast, and drank plenty of water. Took my daily e3 live. For lunch, I had a salad. For dinner, met up with a few friends at a greek restaurant (falafel, yum!) Didn’t want to take a break for the gym but it was getting late so I ran 1 hr on the treadmill at home before I went to bed.
Friday – Made myself a healthy vegetable smoothie same as weds (with e3). For lunch i had steamed vegetables and some e3live. For dinner, I made myself a pizza (thin crust, and a lot of veggies). Went to a zumba class and called it an early night!

Saturday – yes, day off!! woke up and made myself an egg white omelet with a lot of vegetables! Took this day off to go for a swim in the gym pool and relax in the sana! Felt great and refreshed! For lunch, I had a protein shake. Made myself a yummy veggie burger.

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E3Live 30 Day Challenge – Sejal – Weeks 2 & 3

Sejal a busy 23 year old working full time and studying for graduate school finished up weeks 2 & 3 of her E3Live 30 Day Challenge.   She says:  “I see change in myself both physically and mentally.  Taking E3Live is one of the greatest things that has happened to me.  It gives me that random energy I used to use caffeine for.”

Sejal Weeks 2 & 3Watch what Sejal has to say: E3Live 30 Day Challenge – Sejal Weeks 2 & 3 Video

Here is her journal:

Monday – woke up, worked out for 1 hr -cardio and exercise, took Renew me and e3Live brain on shot, I also took my daily multivitamin. In the morning I ate an egg for protein. For lunch, I had a salad with lettuce, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, and very little cheese. It was yummy and made me feel great. I took some more e3Live and was ready and not feeling that 2:30 feeling at all. Throughout the day, I was feeling HAPPY, MOTIVATED, and FOCUSED. I was really able to focus on certain things which normally I would not pay any attention to, I came home, and for dinner I had mixed vegetables and tofu. I then took another shot of e3 Live and got focused to concentration on studying. I went to bed around 11:30, exhausted but knowing that today was very accomplishing!
Tuesday – woke up at 7:30, feeling great and full of energy (not normal since waking up early is def not my thing!) got a quick workout in before work and ate some oatmeal for breakfast. Had 2 shots of e3 live, and 4 capsules of RENEW ME. During lunch – had a tasty salad. In the afternoon hit myself with some e3 live shots to wake me up and give me that afternoon energy I needed. I was feeling extremely productive at this point. Came home and had sautéed vegetables for dinner. After dinner, I took another shot of e3 live.I went for a brisk walk to take in the wonderful weather and went right back to studying for 3 hours straight. After a hard long day, I can’t tell you how hard it is to focus on studying. E3 Live gave me that extra push and focus I needed to get 3 hours of studying in for the day! Called it a night around 11:45.
Wednesday – HUMP DAY! I’d be lying if I told you today was easy getting up. I quickly hydrated myself and took some E3 Live, worked out for an hour doing some cardio and ate a light breakfast. I was back at my daily routine and feeling great! For lunch I had a wrap and some e3 live. Dinner was a breeze with some salad. Again hit the books and went to bed around 11:45.
ThursdayWoke up around 7:45, worked out for 1 hr. Had E3 Life, Renew Me and made myself some juice (spinach, coconut milk, banana and strawberries). Went to work, had a salad for lunch. During lunch, took a break with a co-worker for a brisk walk for about 30 minutes. After work, came home and had some more e3 live finished with dinner with some indian lentil dal and rice. Went to bed around 11:45
Fridaywoke up around 8:00 – did one hour of strength exercise. Had e3 live and oatmeal for breakfast. Had an apple for a snack. For lunch I had tomato basil soup, During a lunch break, went for brisk walk and had another shot of E3 Live. For dinner I had sautee vegetables with noodles. Went to a zumba fitness class at the gym. Studied and went to bed at around 12:30.
Saturday – today was the day for an intense workout – got up in the morning had some e3 live and a breakfast smoothie. Then followed that with a workout at the gym – cardio, weights, and more. I felt the pain – but it felt good! Followed up with a yummy wrap for lunch. After lunch I studied and took a 3PM break with a walk around the neighborhood and some fruits as snacks. I took some more E3 Live and went back to studying. For dinner I had sautee vegetables with a small portion of pasta.
Sundaygetting tired of the daily routine?! Not me, hard work pays off!! I’m really beginning to see the changes within myself – in this one week I have been consuming a lot of vegetables and have E3 Live, I am seeing changes in myself and my body is feeling a lot more toner. I also have a busy schedule daily but I feel like I have such a great amount of energy. Took E3 live 3 times today and had an omelet for breakfast, made a flatbread pizza for lunch and had a salad for dinner.
Monday – this week is all about test prep and focus (exam on Saturday) – work up and had an early morning workout in the gym! Took some E3 live post workout juice. Went to studying and for lunch took a break in the park, went for a nice walk and had some salad for lunch. Took E3 live again in the afternoon this week I am really focused on my calorie intake but did not focus on the foods that I ate. I wanted to make sure that I was ready to take my exam on Saturday which would include me to eats foods that will help me focus and not let me feel tired all day (say goodbye to carbs).
Tuesdaykicked today off with a high intense cardio workout and had some E3 live once in the morning and 2 shots in the afternoon. Feeling PUMPED with that extra shot of e3 this afternoon as well, my brain has never felt so focused.
Wednesday – I was well on my way – i had an intense study schedule the past two weeks, but i was not in any way ready to stop. I was in constant go mode and E3 live was the secret behind that! Had a great Zumba Fitness class today to end my day 🙂
Thursday – Same as Wednesday – 2 shots of E3 Live in the morning and 2 shots during the day. Another zumba class to end the day!
Friday – Last day of studying, ready to kill it with e3 live! Took 2 shots of E3 live in the morning and 1 shot in the afternoon. Ended Friday night with a zumba class and relaxing!
Saturday – Exam day! I was stressed and nervous, when I woke up in the morning I took E3 Live and I have never felt calmer. I was ready to take the exam. Once my exam was done I felt a sigh of relief. E3 live was the secret to my success when studying and preparing to take the exam. I could not have done this without e3 live!
Sunday – Back to reality, time to get on the grind again. Went to the gym for a serious workout and celebrated mother’s day with my mom :). Today I took two shots of e3 live, i was feeling great!
final week thoughts – e3 live has changed me physically and mentally. I don’t see how I have survived without having this staple in my daily routine. I am seeing a change in my body – I am loosing weight, my skin is looking great, and my hair doesn’t fall off the way it used to. Also, I am feeling great mentally, I am a happier more confident person. e3 live has taken a lot of stress away from my body as well. I love this challenge because it has taught me something about myself, I can do whatever I put my mind too. I am excited for the last week of this challenge!
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E3Live 30 Day Challenge – Sejal – Week 1

Sejal (23) who is studying to get into graduate school and works full time just finished week 1 of her E3Live 30 Day Challenge!  Here is her video:
SejalAnd check out Sejal’s week 1 journal:
E3Live BrainOn and Renew Me capsules have totally changed my life and perspective in a way that I didn’t think would be possible. Not do I only have so much energy, I feel good and have totally changed my outlook on life. This is the real deal and it’s just week 1, I can’t wait to see what is in store for the rest of my 30 day challenge.
Monday – Took E3Live and BrainON – no real significant changes.
Tuesday – Took E3Live and BrainON – began to see myself becoming a little more focused @ work (working a tedious 9-6 job on the computer all day can be tough, but I got through this day with E3Live. ran home, had some more e3 live and had an online class for 3 hours. E3Live really gave me that extra boost and energy to get focused and pay attention even though I was tired after a LONG day of work!
Weds – got up early – put in 1 hr of a work out, went to work, got home and was feeling great! Got energy to study and hit the books till late at night!
Thursday – E3Live is really kicking in at this point I am feeling great, and have a POSITIVE outlook on everything. Got up early, worked out, went to work, came home and had class again till 11 PM at night. Only way I got through this rough day was with E3Live!!!
Friday – same routine as previous days. At this point I would also like to note, my appetite was changing. I didn’t want to eat as much as I usually do, and I enjoyed drinking water and being hydrated throughout the day.
Saturday – enjoyed this wonderful day by relaxing and having some e3 live in NYC!!
Sunday – no more times for break, studying all day but having E3Live is giving me that focus i need!!!
E3Live is helping me feel great, I am excited to see what E3 Live has in store for week 2! #e3Live30daychallege
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E3Live 30 Day Challenge – Meet Sejal!

Meet Sejal – she is 23 and works full time plus is studying to get into graduate school. She will be taking fresh-frozen E3Live + BrainON and E3RenewMe plus exercising for 30 days.Sejal  Here is the video at the start of her challenge: E3Live 30 Day Challenge – Sejal Video

Sejal wants to get fit both mentally and physically. She wants to prove that if she can do it everyone else can do it!

Follow our 10 participants on the http://www.E3LiveChallenge.com blog. And start your own E3Live 30 Day Challenge too! Wish them well! #e3live #e3live30daychallenge #brainon

Go Sejal!