Delores has More Energy and Looks and Feels Better! – Day 69

Delores is on a roll – no stopping her success!
e3live_original_16oz“So excited! I didn’t see the difference until I took the pictures! I feel great! E3 Live has given me my life back!!! I have more energy than I have had in a long time! I look and feel better!
One of the guys this morning said ” Dee you look wonderful must be nice to be young, I said how old do you think I am he said 28 not older than 30″ man did he get a big hug!!!! When I told h I was 40 he said I was telling a story until I showed him ID…
I will support this product and share it with any and everyone that would like to make a difference in their life! It works, it’s proven, and the best is yet to come!!! E3 Live!!!!!”
We’re there with you Delores!

Delores: “I Feel So Good!” E3Live Challenge – Day 67

Delores is nearing the home stretch of her 90 Day E3Live Challenge.  Here is the latest:

“Look at the difference!  So grateful!!!  I can’t wait to keep going!!

I feel so good!”

You’re looking good Delores!  Let’s cheer her to the finish line 🙂



Delores had an E3Live Super Fantastic Day!!! – Day 65

Delores is almost there – here’s her latest:

“Today was a E3 Live super fantastic day!photo-1

I lost 3 more pounds this week!!!!!!!!!’ So excited, all the energy I have is wonderful! It is hard to keep up with me!!!  I’m so excited I just can’t hide it!!!!

THANK YOU E3 LIVE!!! Pictures are coming soon!!!!!!!!”

Sending you the best Delores!

Delores is going to Kick it Up Another Notch! – Day 52

Watch this video where Delores tells us what’s up at Day 52 of her E3Live 90 Day Challenge. She is 3 lbs and 15 inches down, has stopped binging, drinks more water, has extra focus – and has done things she hasn’t done since High School! DeloresLifestyle “I’m looking forward to the next 38 days and beyond. Because this is a lifestyle change, it’s not just a diet.” “I can tell the difference and I can see the difference.” We’re behind you all the way Delores! Here is her video:

Delores is Getting Her Day Started Off Right! – Day 50

Delores is over half way there!  Here is her latest:


“Good morning fam! Getting my day started off right! A shot of BrainOn, 2 RenewMe Capsules and a morning workout!!! Let’s get it!!! Be Encouraged”

Sounds like the start of a great day!

She also says some words of wisdom: “If you want to REAP a good harvest, be careful where you sow! Every ground ain’t good ground! Don’t waste good seed on poor soil. #choices”

We’re routing for you Delores and are Encouraged about your progress!