Andrew finished his E3Live 60 day Challenge!

E3Live employee Andrew made it to the finish line!  For 60 days he took E3Live products and did the Insanity by Beachbody workout.

Andrew said at the starIMG_1117t of the challenge: “My goals are to get more fit, build more muscle and get stronger. I am also doing this for my mental health and physical health. To alleviate as much stress as I can while becoming healthier.”

Looks like he accomplished his goals!  Andrew says at the end of his challenge: “ I attribute the success of this to the products at E3Live. Especially the BrainON, RenewME, Camu Camu, and Blue Majik. I am not having any issues with my knees or my shoulders. I used to have problems with these areas, I even wore a knee brace when I was active in my earlier years. I am going to be continuing Insanity, and will start the work out over, but starting with the second half (the more intense part). I am going to be continuing taking these E3Live products, because I do notice a huge difference in how I feel. I feel much better!!”Overall my body feels a lot better, I feel stronger, more flexible, and healthier. My mind is clear and I am much happier.

Congratulations to you Andrew!  Be inspired to do your own E3Live Challenge and FEEL THE DIFFERENCE!  Share your journey #e3livechallenge

E3RenewME helps support my joints – Andrew Weeks 4 & 5

We’re checking in with E3Live employee Andrew after he finished weeks 4 & 5 of his E3Live NEW YOU 60-Day Challenge.  He’s doing the Insanity by Beachbody workout and taking E3Live superfoods for 60 days.

How are you feeling Andrew?

JPEG image-D6768F4D260A-1Ending week 4 and 5, i feel pretty good. After week 4, I was pretty tired physically. Luckily week 5 of Insanity is a somewhat of a break. There is still cardio and balance, but it is a light load. I feel pretty good mentally, I have court coming up soon for divorce proceedings and I feel pretty good about it. I think it is due to the products I am taking from E3Live and the exercise that I am getting done. I feel like I am getting my body back to were it was – which I think also helps my mind emotionally.

Any changes you notice?

I am getting stronger, more flexible, and I feel healthier. 

Are you meeting your goals/are you on target?

So far

Are you following a specific diet if so, what is it?

I haven’t deviated from it.  Sticking with my normal diet.

Any changes you notice since taking E3Live products?

Throughout this insane workout, I have not had any knee issues like I have had in the past, my shoulders have not been popping and cracking, and I attribute this to the benefits E3RenewME. I take 4.8 grams of RenewME everyday or 6-800mg capsules. E3RenewME really helps to support my joints and body aches! 

Get inspired by Andrew and do your OWN E3Live Challenge!  You’ll FEEL the difference!  Learn more:


Andrew Week 3 – E3Live NEW YOU 60 Day Challenge

Challenge yourself!  E3Live employee Andrew sure did.  He is doing an E3Live NEW YOU Challenge – taking E3Live superfoods and doing Beachbody Insanity workout for 60 Days.  We’re checking in with him at the end of week 3.

How are you doing Andrew?

Ending this week I feel pretty good. I feel like I am getting sick though, maybe just run down. Not because I went out and partied, but because the kids and I went out to play in the snow.

Do you notice any changes?

I feel like I am stronger, I know i am more flexible, and I feel like I am standing up straighter.


Are you meeting your goals/are you on target?

I have not missed a day yet, so I am still on target.

How are E3Live products helping you?

I feel like the E3 Camu Camu is keeping me from getting sick with the all germs that the kids are bringing home. E3RenewMe is definitely helping with my joints. I used to have some problems in my left knee, but have not had an issue yet. I feel like Blue Majik is keeping the soreness in my muscles down.  

Andrew NEW YOU E3Live Challenge Week 2

Andrew, an E3Live employee, is doing a 60 Day Challenge using E3Live products and doing the Insanity by Beachboy workout.

We’re checking in with him for Week 2 of his challenge.

IMG_0243Andrew, how do you feel physically, mentally and emotionally?

Physically I feel 100% better so far. I tend to do my workouts in the morning before work so that it keeps my energy up throughout the day. We are getting heavy amounts of snow here and I can really tell when I am doing snow removal, my legs are stronger and my arms are stronger. I also am less tired after shoveling snow. Mentally I feel like I am much stronger. There was some serious stressors going on last week with Christmas, but I pushed right through it and was able to deal with it in a positive way. Thank you for E3 Camu Camu, the kids came home with another sickness and I feel as though if I didn’t have the E3 Camu Camu, I would have caught the sickness and it would have put me behind on my routine.

Do you notice any changes?

I have noticed that I am getting stronger and able to get more oxygen in my lungs. I am able to complete most of each workout with extra breaks.

Are you meeting your goals/are you on target?

So far I am meeting my goals. Even with life going on, I was able to complete my workout every day.

Join Andrew and do your own E3Live NEW YOU challenge – get a healthy start in 2016!


E3Live “NEW YOU” Challenge – meet Andrew!

Get ready for a NEW YOU!  Follow E3Live employee Andrew on his 60 day quest to get physically, mentally and emotionally fit.  Do your own E3Live challenge with him!

HERE’S A LITTLE ABOUT ANDREW My name is Andrew and I have worked with E3Live for almost 20 years! I started at a young age when my Aunt, Tamera Campbell, founded E3Live. When I was 8 years old I started out – washing buckets at our harvest site. From there, I worked off and on through school when I wasn’t playing sports. After high school I tried college (mainly for baseball), but it was not for me at the time. I went back to work for E3Live. I had my first child when I was 23 years old. I decided that I needed to go back to college. At the time I had the motivation to better my life for my son. I got married and we had our second child when I was 25 years old. College was not easy while raising two children. I managed to complete college with a combined 3.7 GPA and a bachelors degree in Environmental Science and a minor in Biology.


I have always been an active person and enjoy the outdoors, from hiking, biking, to camping and fishing. Recently there has been a lot of stress in my life, as I’ve been going through a divorce.

WHY ARE YOU DOING A CHALLENGE? I decided to do this E3Live & fitness challenge for me.  My goals are to get more fit, build more muscle and get stronger. I am also doing this for my mental health and physical health. To alleviate as much stress as I can while becoming healthier.

WHICH E3LIVE PRODUCTS WILL YOU BE TAKING?  I have been taking E3Live products since this company started. I’ll be taking BrainOn to help with my stress levels and concentration. I’ll also take E3RenewMe for bone and Joint support, E3 Camu Camu to help ward off illnesses that the kids always bring home, Blue Majik for healthy inflammation responses, and E3 Probiotics to keep my digestion working from all the stress.

2015-12-12 11.53.04

WHAT WILL YOU DO FOR FITNESS?  I’ll be doing the Insanity by Beach Body workout.


HOW DO YOU FEEL PHYSICALLY, EMOTIONALLY AND MENTALLY? I am not as strong as I once was which I know is typical, but I want to get some of that strength back. Mentally and emotionally I am usually drained from all the personal stress.

I believe the next 60 days are going to work wonders for me, not only for my body , but for my emotional wellbeing.

Join me by doing your own E3Live challenge to create the NEW YOU!

E3Live 30 Day Challenge – Sejal is Finished!

Sejal – a 23 year old working full time and studying for graduate school just finished her E3Live 30 Day Challenge!  She says, “E3Live changed me – I’m going to do it the rest of my life!”  and “it’s not the end, it’s just the beginning.”  Way to go Sejal!
Week 4 of E3 Live.
E3Live has been a total life changer. Since taking E3Live, I feel like my body has been “detoxified.” My every day cravings of chocolate and coffee are old news. I am so happy that this has been introduced to my life, it is something I will not stop taking! I would like to thank the E3Live team for giving me this life changing opportunity! 🙂
Monday – rough morning. Got up, took some E3Live and drank 3 glasses of water. Woke myself up and made an egg white omelet full of veggies and headed off for a day of work. For lunch, I had a salad. Around 2 PM i took a break and had some yogurt, and took some more E3Live. For dinner, I ate some lentils. I went to the gym and put up an intense fight with some cardio. I headed to bed around 11:00.
Tuesday – woke up feel great – gave myself my morning twist with some e3 live and had some cereal and headed to work. For lunch, I had a wrap, tasted great and felt great. Took some more e3 in the afternoon and myself myself some yummy hold grain pasta with veggies. After dinner, went to the gym and did about 40 min of cardio and about 20 min of weights.
Weds – hump day! last hump day of the challenged. I made myself a smoothie with some strawberries, mangos, lettuce and coconut milk (don’t forgot the e3 live!!). Boy did i feel energized. During lunch, I had a salad. I did take e3 live again during the afternoon. For dinner, I made myself some thai noodles. Went to the gym and did 1 hr of zumba. Was feeling that good kind of tired by the end of today!
Thursday – made myself a fruit breakfast, and drank plenty of water. Took my daily e3 live. For lunch, I had a salad. For dinner, met up with a few friends at a greek restaurant (falafel, yum!) Didn’t want to take a break for the gym but it was getting late so I ran 1 hr on the treadmill at home before I went to bed.
Friday – Made myself a healthy vegetable smoothie same as weds (with e3). For lunch i had steamed vegetables and some e3live. For dinner, I made myself a pizza (thin crust, and a lot of veggies). Went to a zumba class and called it an early night!

Saturday – yes, day off!! woke up and made myself an egg white omelet with a lot of vegetables! Took this day off to go for a swim in the gym pool and relax in the sana! Felt great and refreshed! For lunch, I had a protein shake. Made myself a yummy veggie burger.

Read more about Sejal’s experience and follow our other participants #whatareyouwaitingfor start your own #e3live30daychallenge and #feelfantastic !  #e3live @sej185

Delores completes E3Live 90 Day Challenge! – Day 90

Thanks so much Delores for being our first participant in the E3Live Challenge!  She worked out and took E3Live products for 90 days with great success.


“E3Live has given me my life back!!! I have more energy than I have had in a long time! I look and feel better!”

Looking fabulous Delores!!!

Delores has More Energy and Looks and Feels Better! – Day 69

Delores is on a roll – no stopping her success!
e3live_original_16oz“So excited! I didn’t see the difference until I took the pictures! I feel great! E3 Live has given me my life back!!! I have more energy than I have had in a long time! I look and feel better!
One of the guys this morning said ” Dee you look wonderful must be nice to be young, I said how old do you think I am he said 28 not older than 30″ man did he get a big hug!!!! When I told h I was 40 he said I was telling a story until I showed him ID…
I will support this product and share it with any and everyone that would like to make a difference in their life! It works, it’s proven, and the best is yet to come!!! E3 Live!!!!!”
We’re there with you Delores!

Delores had an E3Live Super Fantastic Day!!! – Day 65

Delores is almost there – here’s her latest:

“Today was a E3 Live super fantastic day!photo-1

I lost 3 more pounds this week!!!!!!!!!’ So excited, all the energy I have is wonderful! It is hard to keep up with me!!!  I’m so excited I just can’t hide it!!!!

THANK YOU E3 LIVE!!! Pictures are coming soon!!!!!!!!”

Sending you the best Delores!