Delores is Getting Her Day Started Off Right! – Day 50

Delores is over half way there!  Here is her latest:


“Good morning fam! Getting my day started off right! A shot of BrainOn, 2 RenewMe Capsules and a morning workout!!! Let’s get it!!! Be Encouraged”

Sounds like the start of a great day!

She also says some words of wisdom: “If you want to REAP a good harvest, be careful where you sow! Every ground ain’t good ground! Don’t waste good seed on poor soil. #choices”

We’re routing for you Delores and are Encouraged about your progress!

E3Live the Super Juice! Delores lost 5 lbs this week! – Week 6

Delores lost 5lbs – awesome!  Here is her post:

Good morning fam! Let me just say this has been one hella

e3_booth_sign_WIP_temp_press-1Fantastic week with E3Live! I got up this morning and got on the scale, I have been feeling great all week so I wanted a sneak peak boy was I happy!

Drum roll please ……. I have lost 5 pounds this week!!!!!! Thank you E3Live!!! Just goes to show when you plan your work and work your plan, results are always the reward!!! E3Live the super juice!!! Be Encouraged!!!

We’re encouraged too – keep up the good work Delores!

Delores Lost 4lbs this Week!!! – Week 3

Here is the latest from Delores:


Good Morning Fam and what a morning it is! This is the best start to my day. This week has been crazy, and I have not had a chance to really get in the gym. Even with all that I managed to eat right and E3 Live did the rest!!!

I lost (drum roll please) 4 pounds this week!!!! Yeah, so I know what it will do when I hit the gym hard…. Loving my E3 Live challenge it works hard even when I am not!!!! I will post pictures and measurements later.