Andrew finished his E3Live 60 day Challenge!

E3Live employee Andrew made it to the finish line!  For 60 days he took E3Live products and did the Insanity by Beachbody workout.

Andrew said at the starIMG_1117t of the challenge: “My goals are to get more fit, build more muscle and get stronger. I am also doing this for my mental health and physical health. To alleviate as much stress as I can while becoming healthier.”

Looks like he accomplished his goals!  Andrew says at the end of his challenge: “ I attribute the success of this to the products at E3Live. Especially the BrainON, RenewME, Camu Camu, and Blue Majik. I am not having any issues with my knees or my shoulders. I used to have problems with these areas, I even wore a knee brace when I was active in my earlier years. I am going to be continuing Insanity, and will start the work out over, but starting with the second half (the more intense part). I am going to be continuing taking these E3Live products, because I do notice a huge difference in how I feel. I feel much better!!”Overall my body feels a lot better, I feel stronger, more flexible, and healthier. My mind is clear and I am much happier.

Congratulations to you Andrew!  Be inspired to do your own E3Live Challenge and FEEL THE DIFFERENCE!  Share your journey #e3livechallenge

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