E3Live “NEW YOU” Challenge – meet Andrew!

Get ready for a NEW YOU!  Follow E3Live employee Andrew on his 60 day quest to get physically, mentally and emotionally fit.  Do your own E3Live challenge with him!

HERE’S A LITTLE ABOUT ANDREW My name is Andrew and I have worked with E3Live for almost 20 years! I started at a young age when my Aunt, Tamera Campbell, founded E3Live. When I was 8 years old I started out – washing buckets at our harvest site. From there, I worked off and on through school when I wasn’t playing sports. After high school I tried college (mainly for baseball), but it was not for me at the time. I went back to work for E3Live. I had my first child when I was 23 years old. I decided that I needed to go back to college. At the time I had the motivation to better my life for my son. I got married and we had our second child when I was 25 years old. College was not easy while raising two children. I managed to complete college with a combined 3.7 GPA and a bachelors degree in Environmental Science and a minor in Biology.


I have always been an active person and enjoy the outdoors, from hiking, biking, to camping and fishing. Recently there has been a lot of stress in my life, as I’ve been going through a divorce.

WHY ARE YOU DOING A CHALLENGE? I decided to do this E3Live & fitness challenge for me.  My goals are to get more fit, build more muscle and get stronger. I am also doing this for my mental health and physical health. To alleviate as much stress as I can while becoming healthier.

WHICH E3LIVE PRODUCTS WILL YOU BE TAKING?  I have been taking E3Live products since this company started. I’ll be taking BrainOn to help with my stress levels and concentration. I’ll also take E3RenewMe for bone and Joint support, E3 Camu Camu to help ward off illnesses that the kids always bring home, Blue Majik for healthy inflammation responses, and E3 Probiotics to keep my digestion working from all the stress.

2015-12-12 11.53.04

WHAT WILL YOU DO FOR FITNESS?  I’ll be doing the Insanity by Beach Body workout.


HOW DO YOU FEEL PHYSICALLY, EMOTIONALLY AND MENTALLY? I am not as strong as I once was which I know is typical, but I want to get some of that strength back. Mentally and emotionally I am usually drained from all the personal stress.

I believe the next 60 days are going to work wonders for me, not only for my body , but for my emotional wellbeing.

Join me by doing your own E3Live challenge to create the NEW YOU!

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