Andrew NEW YOU E3Live Challenge Week 2

Andrew, an E3Live employee, is doing a 60 Day Challenge using E3Live products and doing the Insanity by Beachboy workout.

We’re checking in with him for Week 2 of his challenge.

IMG_0243Andrew, how do you feel physically, mentally and emotionally?

Physically I feel 100% better so far. I tend to do my workouts in the morning before work so that it keeps my energy up throughout the day. We are getting heavy amounts of snow here and I can really tell when I am doing snow removal, my legs are stronger and my arms are stronger. I also am less tired after shoveling snow. Mentally I feel like I am much stronger. There was some serious stressors going on last week with Christmas, but I pushed right through it and was able to deal with it in a positive way. Thank you for E3 Camu Camu, the kids came home with another sickness and I feel as though if I didn’t have the E3 Camu Camu, I would have caught the sickness and it would have put me behind on my routine.

Do you notice any changes?

I have noticed that I am getting stronger and able to get more oxygen in my lungs. I am able to complete most of each workout with extra breaks.

Are you meeting your goals/are you on target?

So far I am meeting my goals. Even with life going on, I was able to complete my workout every day.

Join Andrew and do your own E3Live NEW YOU challenge – get a healthy start in 2016!


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