E3Live 30 Day Challenge – Jen and Gaby – Week 1

Let’s check in with Jen and Gaby – restaurateurs who have just moved to LA from Beijing for a fresh, healthier and sunshine-filled life.  Jen says she has quite a lot of energy and feels like she’s getting healthier.

Watch their video here: E3Live 30 Day Challenge – Jen & Gaby – Week 1

And here is their journal from Week 1 of their E3Live 30 Day Challenge

gaby and jenDIARIES – Jen and Gaby

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Jen – Good eating begins and the Brain On tastes healthy!
Gaby – First day, feels good and energized. Did a big X-terrain workout in the evening, feeling powerful, exhausted and good sleeping at the end of the day.
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Jen – So far, so good. Fabulous gym session this morning. XY – it’s a killer. I will get fit and healthy on this challenge!! My goal is to do all of the push-ups without resorting to my knees!
Gaby – Trying to drink a lot more water and eating smaller meals, closer together. I think this diet will be good for the 30 days. I am trying to stop feeling lethargic from my usual regime of a couple of big meals.
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Jen – Big Headache this morning, Persevered with Morning Walk on the Beach and Protein Day. A bit blaagh, but I know that can happen when you change your routine.
Gaby – Great running in the morning, lots of energy. Eating better. Finishing my meals before 9pm.
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Jen – Protein and Greens, early gym class – feeling renewed and full of energy.
Gaby – Headache today. Took it easy and chilled out. Had some painkillers for my head. Not much eating today, not feeling good.
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Jen – Protein Only, 1kg down – YAY! Lots of water.
Gaby – Felling a bit better today. Headache still here but not as severe, trying to decide whether this has to do with my diet or water. Did a workout in the evening.
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Jen – Easter at a Vineyard – some soul-food today with wine tastings, laughter and restaurant menu – made good choices though – fresh cold-cuts platter and salad. Oh, and dessert!! So much sweet!
Gaby – Easter Winery afternoon. Wine tastings, good walk and good food. Feel like I have overeaten a lot. Headache seems to have gone.
PRODUCTS: 2 RenewMe Capsules

Jen – A few Easter Eggs and a family Easter Brunch and Lunch – tried to make good choices – healthy Loxs Bagel, coffee and fresh fruit.
Gaby – Good meals but didn’t sleep well last night, I think due to excessive amount of sugar/chocolate! No headaches. Good late afternoon walk. Day off diet today.

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