E3Live 30 Day Challenge – Reba Week 1

Reba is finished with her first week of the E3Live 30 Day Challenge.  Check out her journal from the first week!

Day 1

April 1 – It’s Tuesday. My most busiest day of the week! I could barely get out of bed. I was sooooo tired. However, I rolled out at 5:00am, hydrated myself with water and took my E3Renew Me! From there, I got ready to teach my 6:15am Barre Shaper class at Fire Shaper in Wyckoff, NJ. Reba- Week 1I was still a little cloudy and was confusing my ‘rights and lefts’ with my students. The class was good and I really wished I had more clarity. I just felt REALLY foggy. After that I had to hurry home for an 8:00am conference call. Somehow I was able to clean myself up and shower and have my BrainON shot! Scurried off to the office for a 4 hour meeting. Bored out of my mind, I was relieved to get to my desk to have my shot of BrainON again. I mixed it with some Kale, Romaine Lettuce, and Lime juice. The end of the day was at 5:30pm and had to run to the gym and teach my willPower&grace class at American Woman in Oakland at 6:30pm. Needless to day, I am pooped!

Day 2

Wednesday – April 2 –- Hello! I woke up at 5:00am feeling pretty good. Took my E3RenewMe! I did a few yoga poses to stretch out. My hamstrings felt very tight. After I did some yoga, I got ready for work and brought my two shots of E3 Live BrainON with me. As soon as I got into the office, I took my shot…..

6 hours later…..

I felt that 2:30pm emotional eating urge come on. I was bored out of my mind and I so wanted to hop into my car and go buy a bag of those white chocolate easter eggs. I knew I was bored. So, I got up and made myself a cup of Yogi tea and took my second shot of E3 Live BrainON along with my kale, romaine lettuce, lime juice mix. After a long day at the office, I was literally “juiced” up and ready to go take Hot Yoga at 7:30pm. I stayed after class with the tumblers and we practiced different poses until 10:00pm!

Day 3

Thursday, April 3 – Alarm, water, E3 Live RenewMe! Weeeeeeeee! Feeling fabulous! I know I have a long day ahead of me and I’m feeling pretty darn good. Sitting at a desk for 8-9 hours is grueling, however, I had three people to do some life and career coaching with and it was time to put my superpowers on! Down the hatch with some E3 Live BrainOn. I had some really good sessions with my clients. My day ended at the office and I was off to American Woman Fitness Center in Oakland, NJ. I taught a double…..6:30pm willPower&grace class and then a 7:30pm Yoga Flow Class. I think it was one of my BEST yoga classes I taught ever! Although I plan my Yoga classes ahead of time with some idea of what I am going to teach, this time, I had no plan. I let the universe come to me. GREAT CLASS!

Day 4

Friday, April 4 – THIS GIRL IS ON FIRE! Woke up, water, E3 Live RenewMe!, 1 Hour Hot Yoga at Fire Shaper in Wyckoff, NJ. To the office for 9 hours and with me are my shots of E3 Live BrainOn!

Ugh, my day ended with eating two slices of pizza and a giant salad for two. Meaning me eating the consumption of salad for two people. I felt yucky and bloated.

Day 5

Saturday, April 5 – I woke up feeling fabulous which I was completely surprised given the food I ate the night before. Plenty of water was on deck for me. I drank a lot of water throughout the night as well. But, got up at 6:00am, water, E3 Live RenewMe!, 90 minute Hot Yoga at Fire Shaper in Wyckoff, NJ. Then, I taught my willPower&grace class at 11:00am at American Woman Fitness Center in Oakland, NJ. I had my two shots of E3 Live BrainOn. This time I added another dose of E3 Live RenewMe!, in the afternoon on an empty stomach. I was ready for Saturday night to go out to dinner with my friend. So, here is my healthy selfie!

Day 6 –

Sunday, April 6 – I had two glasses of wine with dinner last night. I feel GREAT today! Ha! Ha! I woke up at 6:00am to get my day on. I have a class to teach and took a 90min Power Hot Flow Yoga class. Life is good! Bought some spring flowers and enjoyed my shot of E3 Live BrainOn next to the flowers!

Day 7 –

Monday, April 7 – Ready for the work week! I got up and ran 3 miles! Oh yeah! I woke up at 5:00am, E3 Live RenewMe!, went for my run. Got ready to sit in the office for 9 hours. I brought my shots and I took my RenewMe! in the afternoon on an empty stomach.

Summary of my first 7 days – Yes, I went off the healthy eating wagon one day and had some wine. However, my body was set up to be VERY resilient. I ate very good all week. My meals consisted of a balance – veggies, protein, and quinoa. I ate quinoa all week. My biggest observation is that my energy, clarity and my skin looks fabulous. Enjoying this challenge! I’m sticking to a routine and not getting down for a slip in my diet. Peace out! Namaste!

Help cheer Reba and the other 9 participants on – and do your own E3Live 30 Day Challenge! http://www.E3LiveChallenge.com

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