E3Live 30 Day Challenge – Brenda – Week 2

Here is Week 2 for Brenda – Go Brenda!

Watch her video here: E3Live 30 Day Challenge – Brenda – Week 2 Video

Saturday, April 5th – Day 8

WOW! I am super excited I made it through my first week. I have to share with you that it was a bit challenging week. My body detoxed for about 4 days and then I got a really bad cold that I felt almost took me to another bad level. In reality, I believe it was all related to the detoxing but I’m so new to this, I couldn’t really say that with any certainty.photo-3

I’m going to journal a little different this week. I am really geared up this week and believing for some wonderful experiences so my journaling in tell a story! Woke up EARLY this morning, still feeling weak from the detox, but went straight for the E3Live with no hesitation and downed a shot glass quickly. Still adjusting to the taste but I do know what’s good for you may not always taste good to you. I am participating in my church’s running club so I went to a meeting at 7am and couldn’t wait to share with some of the runners the good news about what I’m doing with E3Live and the challenge.

I usually eat more relaxed on the weekends but I’m finding that my system is not having some of the junk food I want to give it. So I’m okay with that (I think)! It’s forcing me to eat healthier. Took my 2 RenewMe capsules after lunch. I did rest most of the day because I’m still working on something with my body.

Sunday, April 6th – Day 9

Ahhhhh………good things come on a Sunday morning! Woke up bright and early for morning prayer and to prepare for church and wouldn’t you know it…….had a shot of E3Live. It’s becoming an important part of my morning routine now. In my opinion this is the routine among routines to have. I’m slowing gaining back my strength and starting to feel okay again. Nothing different about my Sunday. It’s usually a low key day. I love my low key days because some times that is just what I need. Took my 2 RenewMe capsules after lunch.

Monday, April 7th – Day 10

6am – I mixed a shot glass full of E3Live with my kale and berries smoothie……yum! yum! It’s amazing how the E3Live blends in and adds a very unique and healthy taste to an already amazing drink! I love it.

Went for a 30 minute brisk walk for lunch and felt energized and pumped up afterwards. Took my 2 RenewMe capsules after my walk along with lunch. I baked some chicken for dinner and tossed a leafy green salad to go with it. I thought I’d be really hungry after that because it just seems wrong to not have a cookie or something sweet on the side but to my surprise, I was full! And that was it for my start of the week. Looking ahead to what the rest of the week will bring!

Tuesday, April 8 – Day 11

5am – took my shot of E3Live straight this morning before my 5:30 cycling class! Wanted to get it in there quick and without interruption. I must say I’m getting better with the cycling. I don’t get winded as quickly and I am really starting to enjoy the class. Day 11 and I’m feeling mighty nice about this entire 30 day challenge.

My husband and I were invited to enjoy a 21 day trial membership at an upscale health club facility in Chicago. Talk about blessings chasing you down……yes lord……that is exactly how it’s been happening with me lately. First, I’m selected for this 30 day challenge with E3Live. I got all the products free. All they want me to do is take them daily and tell them how I feel! What?! God is so awesome. Then, I’m selected for a 21 day free trial membership at one of the best health club facilities in Chicago!!!! All I can say right now is WOW! Needless to say, I worked out after work. On a normal day (without E3Live), I would be wore out right now BUT all thanks to E3Live I am energized to go some more. It’s an absolutely phenomenal feeling! Still taking 2 RenewMe pills with lunch.

Wednesday, April 9 – Day 12

6am – mixed a shot and half of E3Live with a green smoothie this morning. No workout this morning but took a FitCore class at the new gym……all core and I’m sore. But it’s a good sore. And once again E3Live to the rescue. My recovery time is not bad. I would probably still be hurting if I wasn’t taking this great supplement. What you think? Ha

Thursday, April 10 – Day 13

5am – took my shot of E3Live straight this morning before my 6am workout! I am in full swing training for my Half Marathon! What a perfect time to be taking E3Live and RenewMe. I’m a firm believer that timing is everything so in my situation the TIMING of this challenge is perfect. Just what the doctor ordered!

Friday, April 11 – Day 14th Good morning Family! I am one day away from my 55 birthday and I am feeling better than I’ve felt in a long time! God is so good! I feel so blessed in so many ways. One I have a husband and daughter who loves me unconditionally. I have good health and I love myself and my body and that is why I accepted this 30 day challenge with an open mind and an open heart. I plan to live a very long time in good health and wellness. I plan to live a long and strong life for my grandchildren (although I’m not looking for any no time soon….still waiting for the right man to come into my daughter’s life)!

Anyway, for this second week I feel I won a nobel prize! I took my E3Live Brain On drink and RenewMe capsules FAITHFULLY everyday and on time. The taste is getting better and better which means I can take a little more each day. Isn’t that wonderful?! I am ending this week feeling great, looking gorgeous and thanking God for his love for me. Another year, another birthday, another chance at life in it’s fullness.

Until next time……..Love and Peace to everyone!

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