Delores Wants You to Share Her Story! – Day 2

Here is the latest from Delores – during the first week of her E3Live 90 Day Challenge!  She is sharing her journey with you – showing before photos and stats.  Delores wants you to check in with with support and encouragement she may need during difficult times – and hopes you’ll share her story with those that need motivation.  Go Delores!!!!

Hey fam,

I wanted to share my story with you about a journey that I am currently on.  This last year has not always been easy but it has been blessed.  I am not looking for financial support but mental support. This is a very big event and I have the backing of a phenomenal deloresb4-1 deloresb4-2deloresb4-5deloresb4-4company that believes in my story and want to be a part!  I have partnered with E3 Live for a 90 day challenge to lose 30 pounds with the support of their organic products.   Many of you we have shared good times, conversations, traded advice, prayed and cried together even though we are hundreds of miles away from each other!  I only ask that you check out my blog site the company has started of my progress and journey! They believe in me but I will need support of my friends and family so I am reaching out to you for the same.  Please check it out and leave me a supportive message.  I can and will use them during the hard times and when I feel like giving up.

I only wish that you will continue to check in on me and maybe share my story with others that you may think need the same motivation.  It took someone to believe in me to get me here you never know who is looking for the same.

There will be videos’ and pictures shared over the next 90 days and I hope to see you there! Thank you in advance for the prayers and support.


Be Blessed

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