E3Live 30 Day Challenge – Meet Nathan!

Meet Nathan!

He’s 43 years old and works as an E3Live 30 Day Challenge - Nathanacademic advisor. Nathan will be taking fresh-frozen E3Live + BrainON and E3RenewMe plus exercising for 30 days.

Here is Nathan’s video at the start of his challenge: E3Live 30 Day Challenge – Nathan’s Video!

Nathan’s goal is to lose weight, experience greater energy, and both look and feel healthier as a result of addressing his health at the cellular level.

Follow our 10 participants on the http://www.E3LiveChallenge.com blog. And start your own E3Live 30 Day Challenge too! Wish them well! #e3live #e3live30daychallenge #brainon #30daychallenge

Go Nathanl!

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