E3Live 30 Day Challenge – Jen & Gaby – Week 2

Jen & Gaby are finished with Week 2 of their E3Live 30 Day Challenge – taking E3Live + BrainON and also RenewMe every day for 30 days.  Gaby is feeling energized and Jen feels much more level headed about everything.

Jen & Gaby Week 2Watch to see how they’re doing in their challenge!  E3Live 30 Day Challenge – Jen & Gaby Week 2 Video

And read their journal from Week 2:

Jen – Trying to feel good and positive about the week ahead but not too much energy. I pushed myself through a gym class but a little flat today.

Gaby – Working most of the day and good eating. Did a workout at the end of the day, felt good but I still have a headache. Slept well.

Jen – First thing – XY class at the gym and a better start to the day. Energy has arrived and I feel good.
Gaby – Normal working day, light eating, work out at the end of the day, headache still there but getting lighter, not as heavy as last week.  I am stopping taking my multi-vitamin to see if that makes a difference.
Jen – So today I noticed something pretty amazing and I am very keen to see if it stays… I have always suffered a little from anxiety and nervous feelings – they have just suddenly seemed to disappear. Even when faced with situations that would normally have my heart and mind racing, I am super-calm (but not complacent)… Fabulous news. Enjoyed a lovely Raw lunch and walk on the beach – great way to break up the day.
Gaby – Headache almost gone, took an easy day and went for a walk. Did a gym strength class and a run. Feeling better.
Jen – Today eating went well and started a planned long-over due office clean out/set up! Also got on top of a lot of tasks that have been bugging me – very calm and nice focus – yay!
Gaby – Went to meet an old friend at Santa Rosa, she was staying at a vineyard and we did some wine tastings and very good food and fresh air. I didn’t take my Brain On but I had Renew Me. Off diet day. No headache.
Jen –  I tackled my entire office – all sorted and clean – excellent focus – something that I have never really had before – and I didn’t once feel like I was hating or fed-up with what I was doing (which I usually would have)… Good eating again today and plenty of exercise at home with cleaning out!
Gaby – Still at Santa Rosa, another easy lazy day. Eating well, no exercise and just Renew Me. Sleep a bit average.
Jen – Not much sleep, lots of energy and feeling good this morning. Yoga at the beach and cleaning the house – feeling energised and happy.
Gaby – Had Renew Me in the morning and set to travel back to LA. No exercise, easy day with reading and relaxing. Good night’s sleep.
Jen – Spin class this morning and then a day off. Lovely healthy salad lunch and raw dessert treat. Nice to spend time in the sun and at the beach, feeling calm, positive, energetic, happy and focussed.
Gaby – Healthy day with beach run in the morning. I really pushed myself. Good breakfast, back to Brain On and Renew Me. Good lunch and good light dinner. Still no headache and I am not taking multi-vitamins. Will try again next week to see the result.

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