E3Live 30 Day Challenge – Stefanie Week 1

Vegan Baker Stefanie finishStefanie - week 1ed week 1 of her challenge.  She’s feeling good, present, engaged – getting lots of work done.  Her goal is to lose 10 lbs.  Stefanie says she “has lots of energy and looks brighter in the face.”

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E3Live 30 Day Challenge – Meet Stefanie!

Stefanie is a 36 year old super busy vegan gluten-free baker and mom to 4 kids!  She has her own bakery and is an advocate of non-GMO and clean eating.

StefanieBy ​
​taking E3Live + BrainON and also RenewMe every day for 30 days, she hopes it will enhance what she’s already doing.  For exercise Stefanie will do strength training and walking.
Watch what Stefanie has to say: E3Live 30 Day Challenge – Meet Stefanie! Video

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E3Live 30 Day Challenge – Simon is Finished!

Simon (22) just finished his E3Live 30 Day Challenge!  He got back on track with his diet and ate raw food the last week and “felt so good.”  His diet even made his Bikram Yoga classes easier – never easy – but easier.  Simon also adds: “I feel so good. It’s incredible, so cleansed, light, in shape, bright, energized and revitalized.”

Simon - Final WeekWhat about E3Live? Simon shares, “E3Live BrainON is like the Bomb!  You get a spark of energy and I feel like BOOM! I’m ready to do a triathlon!”  Simon says he’ll be “taking E3Live products for the rest of my life….hands down.”  Looking good – congratulations Simon!

Watch what Simon has to say: E3Live 30 Day Challenge – Simon Final Week

And here is his journal:
Monday 5-12

Woke up: Feeling alright. Too much food yesterday and not enough exercise.

Breakfast: Half a gallon of water upon rising, 4 renew me capsule, 2 shots of brain on, MSM, Omega-3’s, Probiotics, Chaga, Reishi, Maitake and Cordyceps. Bee Pollen and Coconut oil. Now I feel really good. After the 2 shots of Brain On I felt much more rejuvenated and “clean”.

Break: Cacao Nibs

Lunch: Kelp noodles, salad with lettuce, avocados, pistachios, olives, tomatoes.

Went home: Swam for 22 minutes with 10 minutes being high intensity intervals as hard as I can. Went to Bikram Yoga for 90-minutes.

Dinner: Broke my diet again, had fresh baked wild alaskan salmon, mung bean pasta and raw sauerkraut.

Overall pretty solid healthy day though besides trying to sticking to raw foods less any animal product.

Did 500 push ups throughout the day.

Tuesday 5-13

Woke up this morning feeling good. I had a solid day before so I woke up a little sore but felt food and energized and ready to start my day.

Breakfast: The usual, half a gallon of water upon rising, took 2 renew me capsules with coconut oil, turmeric, spirulina, chlorella, MSM, Probiotics, Omega-3’s and bee pollen with 4 shots of BrainOn. Also had a cup of raw sauerkraut.

Break: Cacao Nibs

Lunch: White Chard, Avocados, Red Chard, Dinosaur Kale, Tomatoes and cacao nibs.

Snack: Cacao Nibs

Break: Reishi/Green Tea, Pau’D Arco, Spring Dragon and Tulsi Tea.

Went home, did some push ups, pull ups and did 1 minute of dumbells, went outside pushups and sit ups for 5 minutes then jumped in my pool and swam 200 laps vigirously for 30 minutes as hard as I can with high-intensity intervals.

Dinner: Cacao Nibs and Goji Berries.

Wednesday – 5-14

Woke up feeling like a champion. I felt super light and energized, very cleansed.

Breakfast: Half a gallon of water upon rising, 4 renew me capsule, 4 shots of BrainOn. This is now incredible. I am like way over energized. I need to run or something so I did some push ups right then and there then took some spirulina/chlorella with bee pollen, coconut oil, turmeric and probiotics and had a cup of raw sauerkraut.

Snack: Cacao Nibs with Chia Seeds.

Lunch: Celery, Kale, Cilantro, Parsley, White and Red Chard salad with tomatoes with apple cider vinegar and lemon dressing.

Snack: Cacao Nibs

Break: Reishi/Green Tea, Spring Dragon, Tulsi Tea.
Went to the beach today. Skimmed for almost an hour then I sprained my ankle pretty badly that took me out of the game to take easy but I am still going to swim and do bikram.

Dinner: 5 quest bars. not the best choice for nutrition but I was craving something and one thing lead to another and had 5 quest bars… I also took some omega-3’s and 2 shots of brainOn.
Thursday 5-15
Breakfast: Usual, Half a gallon of water upon rising. Took 6! Shots of BrainOn, WOW. Did this really make my energy boost substantially more than usual, gnarly… Took 4 renew me capsule, Omega-3’s, Probiotics, MSM, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Spirulina/Chlorella, Coconut Oil, Turmeric, Chaga, Maitake and Reishi, Bee Pollen.
Break: Cacao Nibs
Lunch: Garbanzo Beans with cilantro and parsley, big kale/chard/spinach salad with avocados, tomatoes, celery, raw sauerkraut, apple cider vinegar and lemon dressing.
Break: Reishi/Green Tea, Spring Dragon Tea, Tulsi Tea.
Went home: Took it easy, did some pull ups, push ups, sit ups, swam for 24-minutes kinda easy but intense as I can make it without causing any pain to my ankle. Then went to Bikram for 90-minutes which really helped me ankle out and I took it easy.
Dinner: Went to an amazing raw vegan restaurant called AuLac. Had a big lettuce salad with olives, avocados, tomatoes, onions, pistachios. Had a “taco
which was lettuce wrapped with shitake mushrooms, macadamia sauce, pistachios, coconut meat, avocado and tomatoes. Then had some raw vegan desserts, Spirulina/Macadamia “flour” “donut” holes filled with coconut jelly, chilled raw cacao/coconut pie and a tirawmisu.
Went home and had some almond milk and Omega-3’s.
Friday 5-16
Boy do I FEEL GOOD. It’s incredible. My body substantially looks different. It’s awesome. You ever get to that point and your like “Damn, I look good” and just keep staring back and forth at yourself in the mirror like serious, damn.
Breakfast: Usual, half a gallon of water upon rising, took 6 shots of renew me, um wow, gnarlier than yesterday, feel like the raw food is making a big difference and taking these E3Live products in accordance with a healthy diet is making a bigger difference. Took 4 Renew Me capsule, Turmeric, Probiotics, Omega-3’s, MSM, Bee Pollen, Spirulina and Chlorella with Coconut Oil.
Break: Cacao Nibs
Lunch: Raw Sauerkraut, Big Mixed Greens salad with avocados, tomatoes with apple cider vinegar dressing.
Break/Snack: Cacao Nibs, Reishi/Green Tea, Spring Dragon and Tulsi Tea.
Went home: Did some pull ups, push ups, sit ups, swam for 16 minutes leisurely and some intense intervals.
Went to Bikram for 90-minutes.
Dinner: WENT TO THE SAME RESTAURANT AND HAD THE EXACT SAME THING AS YESTERDAY. Had a big lettuce salad with olives, avocados, tomatoes, onions, pistachios. Had a “taco

which was lettuce wrapped with shitake mushrooms, macadamia sauce, pistachios, coconut meat, avocado and tomatoes. Then had some raw vegan desserts, Spirulina/Macadamia “flour” “donut” holes filled with coconut jelly, chilled raw cacao/coconut pie and a tirawmisu.

I feel so good. It’s incredible, so cleansed, light, in shape, bright, energized and revitalized.
Saturday 5-17

Body just woke up! Feeling AMAZING! Feel and LOOKS AMAZING!
Breakfast: Drank half a gallon of water upon rising, took 2 renew me capsule, turmeric, probiotics, omega-‘s with coconut oil.
Ate some pine pollen, cistanche, nettle, mucuna and cacao.
Did some push up, pull ups and sit ups. Swam for 32-minutes leisurely with high-intensity intervals in between. Did some more sit ups and push ups.
Relaxed and meditated in the sun for 30 minutes
Had a iceberg lettuce salad (left over from last nights salad) and some beet sauerkraut.
Sunday 5-18
I feel like a new person. I am in the best shape I have been in a while. I feel so energized and ready for anything.
Breakfast: Half a gallon of water upon rising, took 4 shots of BrainOn, 4 capsule of RenewMe. Instantaneous boost of mass amounts of dopamine and energy flooding throughout my brain and body. This really was a high boost. It just gets better and better. Took some bee pollen, Omega-3’s, MSM, probiotics and turmeric.
Swam for 20 minutes as hard as I can. Went to Bikram for 90-minutes. WENT TO AULAC AGAIN! Ate the Samething! Huge Salad and taco and some raw vegan desserts.
Monday 5-19
Breakfast: The usual.
Break: Cacao Nibs
Lunch: Big bowl of white cabbage.
Break: Reishi/Green Tea, Spring Dragon Tea, Tulsi Tea
Dinner: Big salad with sprouts, lettuce, avocados, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots and beets.
Tuesday 5-20

Breakfast: The usual with a handfull of raw organic sprouted almonds and walnuts.
Break: Cacao Nibs
Lunch: Big spinach salad with tomatoes, avocado, cucumber.
Biked to the gym (2 miles) Then did some elyptical (ankle still hurts so low impact) for 10 minutes as hard as I can. Then lifted weights and did some ab work outs for 1-hour and had a protein shake I made with Cacao, Pine Pollen, Chaga, Mumio, Mucuna, Sacha Inchi, Spirulina, Zeolites and chia seeds with coconut water, biked back home. Swam for 6 minutes (My body couldn’t keep going).
Dinner: Brussel Sprouts and Crimini Mushrooms with Sauerkraut
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E3Live 30 Day Challenge – Jen & Gaby are Finished!

Jen & Gaby finished thJen & Gabyeir E3Live 30 Day Challenge!  They took E3Live + BrainON and also RenewMe every day.  Both lost 10lbs and Jen said “I feel fantastic, I’m really glad I did it.”  She has lots of energy, balanced moods and feels like she can take on the day.  She’s looking forward to the next 30 days!  Gaby experienced good sleeping and emotional levels plus really good energy – she feels good about it!

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E3Live 30 Day Challenge – Simon Weeks 2 & 3

Simon finished up weeks 2 & 3 of his E3Live 30 Day Challenge.  He said, “Took 3 big shots of BrainOn. Feeling good, energized and ready to bust the day out like a champ.”  He did have some roadblocks along the way with his addiction to nut butters. “Dinner: Went way off track… Had a big acai bowl with granola and strawberries, then had 5 gluten-free vegan pancakes with honey and maple syrup, then went home and had more of the unfinished pancakes with chocolate hazelnut butter, almond butter and another mixed nut’s and seed butter.”  Sounds decadent!  Now he says his “nut butter binge is all gone….” and at the end of the challenge “you’re gonna see a big transformation.”  Looking forward to it!

Simon Weeks 2&3Watch what Simon says about weeks 2 & 3: E3Live 30 Day Challenge – Simon Weeks 2 & 3 Video

And check out his journal!

Monday – 4/28

Slept for 10 hours tonight! Woke up feeling really energized.

Breakfast: Drank half a gallon of water upon rising.
Swam 50 laps as hard as I can which took 16 minutes, did sit ups and push ups.Post work out meal: 3 shots of brain on, 1 tbsp of Bee Pollen.
Took 2 renew capsules with Omega-3’s, Probiotics, Turmeric and MSM with 1 tbsp of coconut oil.
Had 1 cup of Raw Saukraut.
Lunch: Big bowl of Kale, Red Cabbage, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Avocados, Red Bell Peppers with Apple Cider Vinegar and Lemon dressing.
Went home and swam 33 laps as hard as I can in about 12 minutes.
Took 2 renew capsules
Went to Bikram Yoga for 90 minutes.
Dinner: Lettuce wrapped lentil protein burger with a side of lemon quinoa.
Post Dinner: Gluten-Free oats, quinoa, amaranth, goji berries, cacao nibs, raw honey, psyllium husk, hemp milk.
today was on point, blasted with energy all day and working out all day in separate occasions. Feel AMAZING!
Tuesday – 4/29
I can really start seeing some definition. Cravings for nut butter kicking in. Re-stocked on nut butters but am keeping it in the cabinet till I am done with everything and am pushing to hold off till the 30-day challenge is up.
Breakfast: The usual, half a gallon of water upon rising, 2 turmeric capsules, omega-3, MSM, Renew Capsules, Probiotics with coconut oil followed by 2 big shots of BrainOn. 1 cup of Raw sauerkraut. Feeling good and ready to go to work. Have extra energy this morning.
Snack: Handfuls of cacao nibs and goji berries and some spirulina/chlorella.
Lunch: Big Kale Salad with tomatoes, avocado dressed with lemon and apple cider vinegar.
Post lunch: Pine Pollen, Cistanche, Cacao Powder, Nettle Root, Mucuna, Agaricus Mushroom Powder and Camu Camu.
Went gym, parking lot packed, over it, go home to swim… Get home, pool is dirty from Santa Ana winds and doesn’t look appealing. Decide I should go skim, it’s offshore hot and there is swell, probably good, go to wedge in newport and it’s good, skim for 1 1/2 hours and get some great waves although I hurt my ankle pretty bad.
Snack: date covered in unsweetened coconut flakes
Dinner: Wild Alaskan Salmon, Portobello Mushrooms.
Post Dinner: Power balls (Date, Walnut, Banana, Cinnamon, Nutmeg) 2 coconut dates.
Wednesday – 4/30
Breakfast: Half a gallon of water upon rising, took probiotics, omega-3’s. Took 2 renew me capsules with coconut oil. Took 3 big shots of BrainOn. Feeling good, energized and ready to bust the day out like a champ. Had a bowl of Raw Saukraut afterwards.
Breakfast; Cacao Nibs
Lunch: Kale, Tomato, Avocado, Cucumber, Bell Peppers.
Went home; Swam 12 laps as hard as I can then went to Bikram Yoga for 90-minutes.
Dinner: 4 cups of Broccoli, 1 cup of crimini mushrooms and onions, bowl of quinioa with amaranth, chia seeds, goji berries, cacao nibs, ceylon cinnamon, vanilla bean, zeolites, frozen strawberries and hemp milk with raw honey.
Thursday – 5/1
Breakfast: Half a gallon of water upon rising, probiotics, omega-3, 4 renew me capsules, 2 big shots of Brain on, coconut oil and bee pollen. I am super energized today. Feel amazing. Feeling clean, cleansed, lighter, faster, happier.
Break: Cacao Nibs
Lunch; Broccoli, Kale Salad with tomatoes, avocado, bell peppers, daicon radish with lemon and apple cider vinegar.
Went to the gym! Had Pine Pollen, Cistanche, Tribulus, Mucuna, Cacao, Shilajit, Chaga, Nettle and more pine pollen prior to working out.
Ran 2.2 miles as hard as I can inclined. Did abs, some chest, then biceps and push ups. Then ran 1.1 miles as hard as I can.
Dinner; Brussel sprouts, crimini mushrooms with onions, black bean pasta.Dessert; Chocolate Mousse (Avocado, Honey and Cacao), Arctic Zero Cookie’s N Cream Ice Cream.
Friday – 5/2
Breakfast; Half a gallon of water upon rising, 4 renew me capsules, omega-3’s, Probiotics, coconut oil, bee pollen, celery and cacao nibs.
Lunch: Kale Salad with Tomatoes, Bell Peppers, Daicon Radish, Avacados and apple cider vinegar/lemon dressing.
Post Lunch; Reishi Green tea and Spring Dragon Longevity Tea
Went and swam for 10 minutes as hard as I can. Then went to Bikram Yoga for 90-minutes.
Dinner: Went to AuLac, Vegan Restaurant and had a big salad, and some vegan desserts.

Saturday – 5/3
Woke up and drank half a gallon of water upon rising.
Swam 80 laps as hard as I can for 30 minutes. Did some yoga and meditated.
Took 4 renew me capsules and 4 shots of BrainOn. Feel bomb. I am re energized and need a little more fuel. Made an elixir full of cacao, mucuna, pine pollen, chaga, maitake, reishi, ashwgandha,vanilla bean, cinnamon, green coffee bean extract, nettle, mumio, strawberries.
Went to Laguna and skimmed for 2 hours.
Dinner: AuLac again! Same thing! Had a big salad and raw desserts, essentially cacao with pecans and a raw tiramisu.
Sunday – 5/4
Woke up and drank half a gallon of water upon rising.
Swam 60 laps as hard as I can for approximately 24-25 minutes.
Did some Yoga, stretched and meditated for 20 minutes.
Had 3 shots of BrainOn and took 2 capsule of renew me with some bee pollen, probiotics, coconut oil and turmeric.
Feel good and re-energized to start the day.
Went to a “fine” Chinese restaurant but didn’t eat.
Went to a friends house and made a smoothie full of organic strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries, maca, cacao nibs, banana.
Snack; Quinoa with Chocolate Hazelnut butter
Dinner: Wild Fresh Salmon, spinach.

Snack: 3 different types of nut butters. The bet is now over and I can indulge, which I did. I had 3 different nut butters and ate all 3 at the same time.

Monday – 5-5

Woke up; Drank half a gallon of water upon rising. Wasn’t feeling very food, I think it was the change from raw and then had cooked food and way to much nut butter. Threw up a bunch of undigested food. Felt much better.

Breakfast; Spirulina/Chlorella, Coconut Oil, 3 renew me capsules, bee pollen and 2 shots of BrainOn, probiotics and Omega-3s.

Snack; Fresh mulberries and cacao nibs

Lunch: Big Kale Salad, Avocados, Cherry tomatoes, yellow bell peppers and a raw vegan apple crumble.

Post Lunch: Longevity Spring Dragon Tea, Tulsi Tea and Reishi/Green Tea.

Went home and swam 30 laps as hard as I can then went to Bikram Yoga for 90-minutes.

Dinner: Went way off track… Had a big acai bowl with granola and strawberries, then had 5 gluten-free vegan pancakes with honey and maple syrup, then went home and had more of the unfinished pancakes with chocolate hazelnut butter, almond butter and another mixed nut’s and seed butter.

Tuesday – 5/6

Woke up: Drank half a gallon of water upon rising. Don’t feel the best but energized. The sudden change in diet is overwhelming, need to get back on track…well that didn’t happen this morning.

Breakfast: Spirulina/Chlorella with 3 shots of brain on, 2 renew me capsules, Omega-3’s, Probiotics, Turmeric. Then had more pancakes with more nut butter and chocolate hazelnut butter and cacao nibs.

Lunch: Cup of kidney beans, Big Kale Salad, Avocado, Tomatoes, Bell Peppers.
Went home and swam 40 laps as hard as I can, went to Bikram Yoga for 90-minutes
Dinner: Big Salad full of vegetables, brocoli, spinach, ice berg lettuce, mixed greens and white button mushrooms with NuttZo butter.

Wednesday – 5/7
Woke up feeling really good. Really energized and rejuvenated. Drank half a gallon of water upon rising. Took 2 renew me capsules with 2 shots of brain on. Now I am way more energized and proceeded to take my probiotics, omega-3’s, turmeric, MSM, Bee Pollen and Spirulina/Chlorella with coconut oil.Snack: Almond Butter, NuttZo and Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut butter.
Lunch: Cup of kidney and black beans. Spinach and mixed chard salad with cucumbers, avocado, tomatoes with lemon and ACV dressing.
Post Lunch: Reishi/Green Tea, Tulsi Tea, Pau d’Arco Tea and more green tea.Went home and swam 215 laps as hard as I can in my pool, approximately 40 minutes, meditated and did some yoga for 10 minutes.
Dinner: Big Salad with brocoli, mixed greens, celery and NuttZo butter and justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter.

Thursday – 5/8
Woke up and wasn’t feeling it today, didn’t get enough sleep. Drank half a gallon of water upon rising, felt better. Took 3 renew me capsules and 4 shots of brainOn. This really helped me out, widened my eyes and provided me with energy. Took probiotics, omega-3’s, chlorella and spirulina, bee pollen along with coconut oil.
Breakfast: Cacao Nibs, Unpasteurized sprouted raw organic almond butter.
Lunch: Kidney beans, big mixed green salad with avocado’s, tomatoes, cucumbers, lemon and ACV.
Went home: Swam 50 laps as hard as I can, went to Bikram and did yoga for 90-minutes..
Dinner: Mixed greens salad with spinach, aragula, lettuces, tomatoes, celery, black olives, carrots, artichoke hearts, broccoli, quinoa.
Woke up feeling really good and clean. Felt more energy than usual.
Breakfast: Drank half a gallon of water upon rising. Had 6 grams of chlorella and spiriulina, probiotics, Omega-3’s, MSM, Chaga, Maitake, Reishi, Cordyceps, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Bee Pollen, 4 renew me capsules and 4 big shots of BrainOn with coconut oil. FEEL LIKE A MILLION BUCKS. It’s Friday, Time to get work going and get off for a nice relaxing cleansing weekend. I have so much energy, work is going to be a breeze.
Snack: Cacao Nibs
Lunch: Black and Kidney Beans, big kale salad with tomatoes, avocados, cucumber and red bell peppers.
Snack: Reishi/Green Tea, Green Tea, Pau d’Arco Tea, Tulsi Tea.
Bikram Yoga for 90-minutes.
Dinner: Had almond hazelnut butter, goji berries, cacao nibs and homemade nut butter made of pine nuts, almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, vanilla bean.
Saturday 5-10
Woke up really sore but not all that great. Decided to cleanse today hardcore and lose weight. Woke up at 12:00PM, slept a long time. Feel energized but sluggish. Did some morning duties 😉 lost 2.7 lbs, drank mass amounts of water, more work. Swam 170 laps as hard as I can, took about 31 minutes. Drank more water and took shots of BrainOn with Renew me. 4 shots and 4 capsules. Went to Bikram 90-minutes weighed myself, dropped another 4lbs. Did coffee enema and lost more weight. Lost 10.7 lbs in 8 hours. Had superfoods, bee pollen, cacao, probiotics, chlorella/spirulina, spring dragon tea with green tea, MSM and Omega-3’s with coconut oil.
Dinner: Mixed greens salad with vegetables, quinoa, olives, tomatoes, celery, broccoli.
Sunday 5-11
Today I woke up feeling great. Today is a relax day. Did not do anything really besides walk 1 mile.
Woke up: Drank half a gallon of water upon rising, took 4 shots of Brain On, 2 capsules of renew me, probiotics and medicinal mushrooms like Chaga, Maitake, Reishi and Cordyceps with bee pollen.
Brunch was a huge seafood feast. I had king alaskan crab legs, jump shrimp, scallops, squid, mussels, clams, seaweed. All homemade and quality fresh seafood brought home and cooked at home.
Dessert: Famous vegan gluten-free crumble with strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and cherries with almond flour. AMAZING.
Walked 1 mile…
Dinner; Big salad with avocados, tomatoes, pistachios, olives. Kelp salad with vegetables, lettuce taco with pistachios, avocados, mushrooms, macadamia dressing and olives.

Desset: Tirawmisu, Cacao Coconut pie, Spirulina/Macadamia donut holes.

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E3Live 30 Day Challenge – Sejal – Weeks 2 & 3

Sejal a busy 23 year old working full time and studying for graduate school finished up weeks 2 & 3 of her E3Live 30 Day Challenge.   She says:  “I see change in myself both physically and mentally.  Taking E3Live is one of the greatest things that has happened to me.  It gives me that random energy I used to use caffeine for.”

Sejal Weeks 2 & 3Watch what Sejal has to say: E3Live 30 Day Challenge – Sejal Weeks 2 & 3 Video

Here is her journal:

Monday – woke up, worked out for 1 hr -cardio and exercise, took Renew me and e3Live brain on shot, I also took my daily multivitamin. In the morning I ate an egg for protein. For lunch, I had a salad with lettuce, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, and very little cheese. It was yummy and made me feel great. I took some more e3Live and was ready and not feeling that 2:30 feeling at all. Throughout the day, I was feeling HAPPY, MOTIVATED, and FOCUSED. I was really able to focus on certain things which normally I would not pay any attention to, I came home, and for dinner I had mixed vegetables and tofu. I then took another shot of e3 Live and got focused to concentration on studying. I went to bed around 11:30, exhausted but knowing that today was very accomplishing!
Tuesday – woke up at 7:30, feeling great and full of energy (not normal since waking up early is def not my thing!) got a quick workout in before work and ate some oatmeal for breakfast. Had 2 shots of e3 live, and 4 capsules of RENEW ME. During lunch – had a tasty salad. In the afternoon hit myself with some e3 live shots to wake me up and give me that afternoon energy I needed. I was feeling extremely productive at this point. Came home and had sautéed vegetables for dinner. After dinner, I took another shot of e3 live.I went for a brisk walk to take in the wonderful weather and went right back to studying for 3 hours straight. After a hard long day, I can’t tell you how hard it is to focus on studying. E3 Live gave me that extra push and focus I needed to get 3 hours of studying in for the day! Called it a night around 11:45.
Wednesday – HUMP DAY! I’d be lying if I told you today was easy getting up. I quickly hydrated myself and took some E3 Live, worked out for an hour doing some cardio and ate a light breakfast. I was back at my daily routine and feeling great! For lunch I had a wrap and some e3 live. Dinner was a breeze with some salad. Again hit the books and went to bed around 11:45.
ThursdayWoke up around 7:45, worked out for 1 hr. Had E3 Life, Renew Me and made myself some juice (spinach, coconut milk, banana and strawberries). Went to work, had a salad for lunch. During lunch, took a break with a co-worker for a brisk walk for about 30 minutes. After work, came home and had some more e3 live finished with dinner with some indian lentil dal and rice. Went to bed around 11:45
Fridaywoke up around 8:00 – did one hour of strength exercise. Had e3 live and oatmeal for breakfast. Had an apple for a snack. For lunch I had tomato basil soup, During a lunch break, went for brisk walk and had another shot of E3 Live. For dinner I had sautee vegetables with noodles. Went to a zumba fitness class at the gym. Studied and went to bed at around 12:30.
Saturday – today was the day for an intense workout – got up in the morning had some e3 live and a breakfast smoothie. Then followed that with a workout at the gym – cardio, weights, and more. I felt the pain – but it felt good! Followed up with a yummy wrap for lunch. After lunch I studied and took a 3PM break with a walk around the neighborhood and some fruits as snacks. I took some more E3 Live and went back to studying. For dinner I had sautee vegetables with a small portion of pasta.
Sundaygetting tired of the daily routine?! Not me, hard work pays off!! I’m really beginning to see the changes within myself – in this one week I have been consuming a lot of vegetables and have E3 Live, I am seeing changes in myself and my body is feeling a lot more toner. I also have a busy schedule daily but I feel like I have such a great amount of energy. Took E3 live 3 times today and had an omelet for breakfast, made a flatbread pizza for lunch and had a salad for dinner.
Monday – this week is all about test prep and focus (exam on Saturday) – work up and had an early morning workout in the gym! Took some E3 live post workout juice. Went to studying and for lunch took a break in the park, went for a nice walk and had some salad for lunch. Took E3 live again in the afternoon this week I am really focused on my calorie intake but did not focus on the foods that I ate. I wanted to make sure that I was ready to take my exam on Saturday which would include me to eats foods that will help me focus and not let me feel tired all day (say goodbye to carbs).
Tuesdaykicked today off with a high intense cardio workout and had some E3 live once in the morning and 2 shots in the afternoon. Feeling PUMPED with that extra shot of e3 this afternoon as well, my brain has never felt so focused.
Wednesday – I was well on my way – i had an intense study schedule the past two weeks, but i was not in any way ready to stop. I was in constant go mode and E3 live was the secret behind that! Had a great Zumba Fitness class today to end my day 🙂
Thursday – Same as Wednesday – 2 shots of E3 Live in the morning and 2 shots during the day. Another zumba class to end the day!
Friday – Last day of studying, ready to kill it with e3 live! Took 2 shots of E3 live in the morning and 1 shot in the afternoon. Ended Friday night with a zumba class and relaxing!
Saturday – Exam day! I was stressed and nervous, when I woke up in the morning I took E3 Live and I have never felt calmer. I was ready to take the exam. Once my exam was done I felt a sigh of relief. E3 live was the secret to my success when studying and preparing to take the exam. I could not have done this without e3 live!
Sunday – Back to reality, time to get on the grind again. Went to the gym for a serious workout and celebrated mother’s day with my mom :). Today I took two shots of e3 live, i was feeling great!
final week thoughts – e3 live has changed me physically and mentally. I don’t see how I have survived without having this staple in my daily routine. I am seeing a change in my body – I am loosing weight, my skin is looking great, and my hair doesn’t fall off the way it used to. Also, I am feeling great mentally, I am a happier more confident person. e3 live has taken a lot of stress away from my body as well. I love this challenge because it has taught me something about myself, I can do whatever I put my mind too. I am excited for the last week of this challenge!
#whatareyouwaitingfor do your own #e3live30daychallenge and #feelgood !  #beinspired and follow our participants http://www.e3livechallenge.com #e3live #brainon Way to go Sejal!!!

E3Live 30 Day Challenge – Reba is Finished!

Reba just finished her E3Live 30 Day Challenge!  She said: “Challenge? What challenge? A way of life. A new order has gone in to replenish my E3Live RenewMe! and BrainON. Why? Because I love my body feeling wonderful.  Treat your body well. Eat well, drink water, and use E3Live products. There are no regrets!”

Reba FinalWatch her end of challenge video: E3Live 30 Day Challenge – Reba is Finished!

And read all about her final week:

Week 4

Day 22

Tuesday, April 22:

On top of the world. On a trail, hiking and some small jogs. Feeling so wonderful that I felt the need to strike a pose! The most amazing thing to me that I’m able to still handle my busy schedule, go on vacation, relax, adjust easily to different time zone, and not affected by altitude…..I really feel it’s E3Live products. NO DOUBT!

Day 23

Wednesday, April 23:

You know that song by Imagine Dragons? “On top of the world”, that’s the song that keeps running through my head! No joke! I got up and took my E3RenewMe!, went for a hike, came back to a shot of BrainON. I highly recommend going on vacation and staying with your daily routine when it comes to eating and taking vitamins/supplements. Keep hydrated. It’s all key to enjoy your vacation at it’s maximum. Oh, and DON’T check the emails!

Day 24

Thursday, April 24:

Still on vacation in Colorado and still sticking to my plan. Again, as I mentioned before, it’s not a plan or a challenge for me anymore. It’s a way of life. I’m up to taking E3Live RenewMe! in the morning and afternoon with about 8-16oz of water. In between, I take two shots of E3Live BrainON, one in the morning and one in the late afternoon around 3pm (ish) which is precisely when I get that tired/bored feeling and want to indulge in stupid amounts chocolate with crap preservatives in it. Feeling wonderful! Feeling so relaxed on vacation!

Day 25

Friday, April 25:

Super long bike right throughout Denver. Fun, fun, fun! I missed my afternoon shot of BrainON and had a beer. Hey, it was a microbrewery…..couldn’t resist. No affect on my body whatsoever!

 Day 26

Saturday, April 26:

You know, I’m 25 days into this routine. Even though my daily routine of working and exercising has been modified, oh….and my sleep…my routine of taking E3Live RenewMe! and BrainON is just a way of life. A good life.

 Day 27

Sunday, April 27:

I’m still so completely amazed at my skin, hair, and nails. So healthy. When I look at pictures of myself and looking at my skin, I feel so very happy. I really feel that E3Live products are my “fountain of youth”. I’ve been told a few times over the past two weeks how amazing I look. I may have not lost my 5-8lbs I was looking for and I did lose 2lbs! Being almost 44 I have so much gratitude as the universe has really healthy dose of a beautiful life so far. A picture of my skin!

 Day 28

Monday, April 28:

Packing and going home to NJ. Blah! Because I get a little nervous to fly on a plane, my meals were on the lighter side. Still, I stuck to my routine of taking my E3Live RenewMe! and BrainON. The other thing that was on the top of my mind is the fact that Denver is 2 hours behind New Jersey. AND, I had to get up and teach a 6:15am Barre class at Fire Shaper. What is my body going to feel?

Day 29

Tuesday, April 29:

I got home soooooo late. My plane was rerouted due to the storms in the mid-west. So, I finally got my head into bed by 2am. Alarm goes off at 5am. Up, up, and away! Feeling excited to teach my class! Yay! I really didn’t feel that much effects although later in the day I did require a 1hr cat nap. All good to go. Back to my routine and my body is resilient! The body is SO resilient if you treat it well. People, take care of the gift you were given. That is your body and your life. Treat it with love and kindness and it will give you just that back!

Day 30

Wednesday, April 30:

Challenge? What challenge? A way of life. A new order has gone in to replenish my E3Live RenewMe! and BrainON. Why? Because I love my body feeling wonderful.

Summary of the challenge:

As I said, I’ve completely removed “challenge” and replaced it with a way of life. It’s worth it to stick to the plan as the plan just becomes your regular every day thing. Do you want to feel wonderful every day? Even if life gets tough, or you have slips in your diet or maybe a glass or two or three (oops!) of wine….the important thing is to get back to the daily routine. Treat your body well. Eat well, drink water, and use E3Live products. There are no regrets!

#beinspired to do your own #e3live30daychallenge by following Reba and our other participants http://www.E3LiveChallenge.com #whatareyouwaitingfor #getmotivated #feelgood #e3live #brainon​

Way to go Reba!  Congratulations on your new “way of life!”

E3Live 30 Day Challenge – Jen & Gaby Week 3

Let’s check in with Jen & Gaby super busy restaurateurs who are finished with week 3 of their E3Live 30 Day Challenge.  Gaby says her “energy levels are good and quite consistent” Jen says she’s “feeling great and her moods are really stable.”  She also says “it’s like you have energy all day long up until you go to bed – then you get a good night’s sleep.”

Jen & Gaby Week 3Watch their Week 3 Video here: E3Live 30 Day Challenge – Jen & Gaby Week 3 Video

And read about their daily progress in their journal:


JEN: A good start to the week  – took a rest from the gym as my body is still a bit sore from the weekend’s exercise. Eating well – alternate protein and protein and veges. I have dropped 2 kg from the start of the challenge which is great.
GABY: Feeling good, was a great weekend – feeling relaxed, ready and energised for the week.Good nutrition, switched to non-lactose milk and gluten free.
JEN: All on track. Moods still stable, despite being under quite a great deal of stress – it seems to be washing over me, which I love!!
GABY: Good work out in the morning – running and cardio circuit on the beach – I I beat my 25 mins to the pier so I added some extra circuit items before coming back!
JEN: My second Buti dance class at the gym. I am really feeling full of energy at the end of the day and can push myself in the evenings, which I have never really been able to to before.
GABY: Lighter, feeling good did Strengthen and Lengthen workout at the gym, feeling great.
JEN: Feeling a bit flat today mentally so I ended having an extra E3 Live shot before the gym – great energy boost and was able to come home and get some work done in the evening as well.
GABY: Cardio Barre plus Gillian Michaels workout in the evening – double session!! Nutrition on track, full of energy, went hard-core in the evening, exhausted, good sleep.
JEN: Did a spin and abs class this evening. Eating on track and feeling good.
GABY: Same as yesterday, feeling strong, did double session again at the gym (wow!!) with gravity and abs class.
JEN: Kangoo this morning – crazy exercise class, outdoors in bouncy Kangoo shoes (I will try to take a picture next week) I had loads of energy to push myself and felt strong and balanced.
GABY: Did Kangoo with Jen in the morning – really pushed myself up the hills. Relaxed at the beach at the end of the day. Relaxing weekend.
JEN: Beach day!!! Had a great rest day with Farmer’s Markets in the morning followed by the beach. I was a bit low on energy so decided to stop for a raw lunch at a cool place called Rawvolution (they also sell E3 Live in a shot and shake!!) Felt 1000% times better and then headed to the beach for a chilled afternoon. I loved it. Ready for W4!
GABY: Exhausted…. body in need of rest (haha) relaxing day off. Joined Jen for a raw lunch: mac and cheese and california rolls (all raw).
Read more about Jen and Gaby’s E3Live 30 Day Challenge and #beinspired by following our challenge participants http://www.E3LiveChallenge.comHow is your own E3Live Challenge coming along?  #whatareyouwaitingfor #e3live30daychallenge #brainon #e3live

E3Live 30 Day Challenge – Marina – Week 3

Marina a super busy Bikram Yoga teacher/studio owner finished week 3 of her E3Live 30 Day Challenge.  She is taking E3Live + BrainON and also RenewMe every day for 30 days.  After teaching 4 classes she said: “I think this BrainOn renew me combo is AMAZING!! I was really really still energized after!!”  She also loves E3Live for beach days and says,  “What a GREAT combo Beach and E3live …..it put me in the BEST mood!!”

Marina - week 3Here is what Marina has to say about week 3:



Well The champagne after affects had worn off….BUT my energy was low because of the dehydration . My Best Friend is in town still, one more week and in between my FULL work schedule of teaching and Practicing (a 3 hour gap) Im going to Try and show her as much of the Beauty of this area as possible! Today we go to Lido Beach…. one of the most beautiful beaches here and St Armand’s!! But Before we go I have a class to teach at 9:30 am I take my Brain On in the morning for a little bit of a pick me up….. I think i needed more though because I was still dragging during my class, which I know had  LOADS to do with my dehydration,I was in the Hot room 6 hours yesterday on top of being a little bit Hung over.  I had a Coconut water after class and another Shot of the BrainOn before heading to the beach!  At the Beach we took some refreshing fruits to snack on, a little Beach, Sun,  fruits and my extra shot of E3live Brain On, I was back to my usual energetic self!!  Good thing because we were on the road again to head back to studio so I can teach that evenings class!!  What a GREAT combo Beach and E3live …..it put me in the BEST mood!!  That night we got home and ate a lite Spinach salad with Basil Olive oil with chopped up strawberries and walnuts YUM!!!!


Eating so lightly yesterday helped me sleep like a BABY!!! Woke up so refreshed and energized, made a Green Smoothie (Kale,Spinach,lemons,green apples Cucumber,ginger,chili pepper) and took my E3 live Brain On shot!! ready to face the day!!  Today in between classes the tour of Sarasota/Manatee Continues…….after class took my E3 Renew me pills……. and off we went for SHOPPING!!!!!  Being that it technically Still is my Birthday Month, I shopped until i Dropped (literally)  It probably doesn’t sound like a tourist destination, the Mall…but this is my best friend we are talking about and she is a Fellow Fashionista!!!  Therefore Shopping is ALWAYS on the agenda!!!  Great fun!!  Back to the studio we came,this time to practice together!!  Hadn’t had much time to eat while we shopped(good thing for the Renew Me, it curbed any appetite i may have had) so after class we were famished…… We had a great Salad again for dinner and for dessert she made me her Famous Banana “ice Cream”  OH MY YUM  It’s basically frozen bananas blended in a Vitamix….we did ours Rum Raison and walnut style  Basically added raisins soaked in rum, cinnamon, all spice, and walnuts!!  SO GOOD!!!  I recommend anyone to try to make this….SO much healthier and yummier then ice cream!!


This is my long day , my hubby went and opened the studio for the other teacher to teach and I was able to sleep in, because The next two days are brutal, teaching a triple today (one private and 2 regular classes ) and a Quadruple tomorrow   Took my Brainon And my Renew me this morning so i can keep up with this pace!!!  First I went to teach my Private Lesson,  Not much time between my private and my classes to do much … so stayed at studio until my next classes…took more Renew Me and ate fruits to keep me going! and then taught my two Hot Yoga Classes, which I  gave 110% , both where big classes and my students needed me to be ON for them, so glad I had my Renew me to keep me going!  But once i was finished I was TOAST ,came home at 10 EXHAUSTED!!!!  Off to bed because Im Up at 4 am tomorrow!!!


Teaching 4 classes today!!!  Took 2 shots of the E3 Brain ON …….im going to need it!! woke up at 4 am to teach the 6 am!! I was able to give a pretty decent class!! then rested a moment before teaching the 9:30  Had my Private at 12 went home had another shot of the BrainON ……. boy did i need it…did a little Pool Sun Time (which as we know goes great with the E3Live for that extra zingy pick me up!! and off we went for the 4 pm! By the time the 4 finished I thought i was going to be exhausted but I was not…..hmmm I think this BrainOn renew me combo is AMAZING!! I was really really still energized after!!  My Husband is such an amazing man and made us his superb home made Pizzas( no Cheese for us girls …just mushrooms, tomatoes , green peppers)  For dinner we went to town on those pizzas! ( I knew very well that my body will not be happy with the flour I just put in it…..but wasn’t going to think about that  right now, Im just going to enjoy every last slice….which we ate with arugula and avocado and it was delightful!!) More banana “ice cream” For dessert

Saturday : Well as usual the gluten Hang over settled in the next day and my Joints where stiff and UNHAPPY!!! I taught the 8 am then My best friend Taught the 10 am and I took her class.I was struggling ALLOT in her class I forgot to take my BrainOn in the Morning because we rushed off….that in Conjunction with the carb/pizza joint swelling made my Bikram Practice one of the most difficult ones yet!  You see when you eat so clean mainly and then practicing  A regular Bikram Yoga Practice you learn that when you put “bad” things in your body, you WILL feel it during your Yoga practice, Your joints will be stiff and achey, your stomach will feel bloated and you will get nauseas and a terrible head ache ALL the signs of detox…..You get the “pay Back” in the Hot Room from what you put your poor body through. When you eat a diet of Sugars, and Bad fats ,and eat “fast food” and or Processed food (which I dont , but even the slight bread or cake binge i go on i can still feel it)Your body, that already does SO much for you has to work EXTRA hard to rid it of the junk you put into it. Its time to start taking care of your Body and loving it, giving it things like E3 LIVE BRAIN ON ,and Renew Me, doing regular fitness activity and if you can a Hot Yoga class here or there( the sweating is a great way to push out some of the nasty things you put in it), go on a few Juice cleanses ,and eat clean, do this for your body because its your temple and its all you have,so protect it and love it so it can keep you going for a long beautiful life!!

That Afternoon I had another teacher teaching But decided I wanted to sweat out completely the bread I had eaten the day before and make up for the difficult practice I had in the AM. I made sure to take my BrainOn and Renew me this time.  I was able to finally practice side by side with my Best Friend after all this, her and I I met at Teacher Training and we used to Practice Together every day for 9 weeks at Training , but since Graduating life had kept us apart and we had practiced together since. It was the most beautiful practice I enjoyed every second of it, and my body was back to its regular level capabilities!!!
SUNDAY Had my Morning Double teaching class!! Took my BrainOn and a Green Juice!  Then I made a BAD CALL, I kept my belly empty for the rest of the day because  i was teaching ,went straight to the beach one last time with my best friend, and then was to busy getting  ready for us to go out to dinner that evening!! I also made the mistake of Not taking my Renew Me before dinner, there for that and in combination with not eating…..I over indulged in Yummy Greek Food…..im Greek and I know the Mediterranean diet is so good for you….BUT in moderation, NOT everything all in one sitting …UGH STUFFED!!  All in all OF COURSE I have not lost ANY weight yet….to which this is my own fault!!!! BUT Im learning some great things along the way!!! Lets see how my final week goes !!!!!!

Have you started your very own #e3live30daychallenge yet?  #beinspired by following our participants on http://www.e3livechallenge.com #whatareyouwaitingfor #e3live #feelgood #bikramyoga


E3Live 30 Day Challenge – Cindy is finished! Week 4

Cindy is a 51 year old disabled RN who took E3Live + BrainON and also E3 RenewMe for 30 days!  She says: “I don’t want to stop.  I am hooked on the E3Live products.  My weight has gone down 5 pounds !!!”

Cindy finalRead all about it in her journal:

Day 24.  I am improving again.  The feelings I had before I overdid the exercise are back.  My legs are feeling sturdier, stronger.  My mind is clear.  I feel happy, uplifted.  I am not trying to increase my step count, but I am trying to improve my quality of health.  I am on a juice feast which is also helping me to feel better.

Day 25.  As I get close to the end of the 30 days, I don’t want the challenge to end.  I am enjoying the feelings of improved health from the E3Live products.
Day 26.  Today I was marching around the house getting steps in.  Later I put on a Leslie Sampson walking workout.  I found my muscle control has improved.  My coordination is better.  It feels like I am more in sync with the workout instructor.  It’s not as much of a struggle to keep up.  It’s not from doing regular workouts, as I have for years doing the same types of workouts.  It feels as if the muscles and the nerve connection to the brain is improving.  It feels as if this is making a difference in how I am moving.  I LOVE IT.
Day 27.  I don’t run very often as it normally feels very hard to get the muscles in sync together.  It feels like my legs will buckle and I will fall.  It feels like I would hurt myself trying to do a movement most people take for granted.  Normally when I try it feels forced, like my body struggles to remember how to move.  I think it’s from the damage done by the multiple sclerosis.  Today when I tried running up and down the hallway and into the living room those things weren’t an issue.  My legs moved naturally as if I was a child.  I didn’t have to work at being able to move my legs.  While I know it’s only running in the hallway, I am safe if I should trip or fall.  I am like a baby re-learning how to move my muscles in ways that used to be automatic.  The thing is, I was able to run a few trips up and down the hallway and into the living room with ease.  That is a big improvement for me.  Yes, I do believe the E3Live is having very positive effects on the MS.  While I am sure normal people make more progress than I have, I am thrilled at what I can do.  Over time I would love to have the confidence to run outside.  Maybe one day it will be possible.
Day 29. My hips are a half inch smaller.  My waist is smaller.  My digestion is improving.  Life seems so much brighter on E3Live.  I take a shot glass full twice a day.
Day 30.  I don’t want to stop.  I am hooked on the E3Live products.  My weight has gone down 5 pounds !!!  The juicing has helped with that.  My body feels satisfied, like what ever nutrient I was needing is being met.  The strength in my legs has improved as well as the my quality of life.  It feels like my brain is functioning better.  Thank you so much for letting me use the product.

If you haven’t already start your own #e3live30daychallenge and see what happens!  #beinspired by our other challenge participants by following them http://www.e3livechallenge.com #e3live #brainon #whatareyouwaitingfor

Congratulations Cindy!