E3Live 30 Day Challenge – Reba is Finished!

Reba just finished her E3Live 30 Day Challenge!  She said: “Challenge? What challenge? A way of life. A new order has gone in to replenish my E3Live RenewMe! and BrainON. Why? Because I love my body feeling wonderful.  Treat your body well. Eat well, drink water, and use E3Live products. There are no regrets!”

Reba FinalWatch her end of challenge video: E3Live 30 Day Challenge – Reba is Finished!

And read all about her final week:

Week 4

Day 22

Tuesday, April 22:

On top of the world. On a trail, hiking and some small jogs. Feeling so wonderful that I felt the need to strike a pose! The most amazing thing to me that I’m able to still handle my busy schedule, go on vacation, relax, adjust easily to different time zone, and not affected by altitude…..I really feel it’s E3Live products. NO DOUBT!

Day 23

Wednesday, April 23:

You know that song by Imagine Dragons? “On top of the world”, that’s the song that keeps running through my head! No joke! I got up and took my E3RenewMe!, went for a hike, came back to a shot of BrainON. I highly recommend going on vacation and staying with your daily routine when it comes to eating and taking vitamins/supplements. Keep hydrated. It’s all key to enjoy your vacation at it’s maximum. Oh, and DON’T check the emails!

Day 24

Thursday, April 24:

Still on vacation in Colorado and still sticking to my plan. Again, as I mentioned before, it’s not a plan or a challenge for me anymore. It’s a way of life. I’m up to taking E3Live RenewMe! in the morning and afternoon with about 8-16oz of water. In between, I take two shots of E3Live BrainON, one in the morning and one in the late afternoon around 3pm (ish) which is precisely when I get that tired/bored feeling and want to indulge in stupid amounts chocolate with crap preservatives in it. Feeling wonderful! Feeling so relaxed on vacation!

Day 25

Friday, April 25:

Super long bike right throughout Denver. Fun, fun, fun! I missed my afternoon shot of BrainON and had a beer. Hey, it was a microbrewery…..couldn’t resist. No affect on my body whatsoever!

 Day 26

Saturday, April 26:

You know, I’m 25 days into this routine. Even though my daily routine of working and exercising has been modified, oh….and my sleep…my routine of taking E3Live RenewMe! and BrainON is just a way of life. A good life.

 Day 27

Sunday, April 27:

I’m still so completely amazed at my skin, hair, and nails. So healthy. When I look at pictures of myself and looking at my skin, I feel so very happy. I really feel that E3Live products are my “fountain of youth”. I’ve been told a few times over the past two weeks how amazing I look. I may have not lost my 5-8lbs I was looking for and I did lose 2lbs! Being almost 44 I have so much gratitude as the universe has really healthy dose of a beautiful life so far. A picture of my skin!

 Day 28

Monday, April 28:

Packing and going home to NJ. Blah! Because I get a little nervous to fly on a plane, my meals were on the lighter side. Still, I stuck to my routine of taking my E3Live RenewMe! and BrainON. The other thing that was on the top of my mind is the fact that Denver is 2 hours behind New Jersey. AND, I had to get up and teach a 6:15am Barre class at Fire Shaper. What is my body going to feel?

Day 29

Tuesday, April 29:

I got home soooooo late. My plane was rerouted due to the storms in the mid-west. So, I finally got my head into bed by 2am. Alarm goes off at 5am. Up, up, and away! Feeling excited to teach my class! Yay! I really didn’t feel that much effects although later in the day I did require a 1hr cat nap. All good to go. Back to my routine and my body is resilient! The body is SO resilient if you treat it well. People, take care of the gift you were given. That is your body and your life. Treat it with love and kindness and it will give you just that back!

Day 30

Wednesday, April 30:

Challenge? What challenge? A way of life. A new order has gone in to replenish my E3Live RenewMe! and BrainON. Why? Because I love my body feeling wonderful.

Summary of the challenge:

As I said, I’ve completely removed “challenge” and replaced it with a way of life. It’s worth it to stick to the plan as the plan just becomes your regular every day thing. Do you want to feel wonderful every day? Even if life gets tough, or you have slips in your diet or maybe a glass or two or three (oops!) of wine….the important thing is to get back to the daily routine. Treat your body well. Eat well, drink water, and use E3Live products. There are no regrets!

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Way to go Reba!  Congratulations on your new “way of life!”

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