E3Live 30 Day Challenge – Jen & Gaby Week 3

Let’s check in with Jen & Gaby super busy restaurateurs who are finished with week 3 of their E3Live 30 Day Challenge.  Gaby says her “energy levels are good and quite consistent” Jen says she’s “feeling great and her moods are really stable.”  She also says “it’s like you have energy all day long up until you go to bed – then you get a good night’s sleep.”

Jen & Gaby Week 3Watch their Week 3 Video here: E3Live 30 Day Challenge – Jen & Gaby Week 3 Video

And read about their daily progress in their journal:


JEN: A good start to the week  – took a rest from the gym as my body is still a bit sore from the weekend’s exercise. Eating well – alternate protein and protein and veges. I have dropped 2 kg from the start of the challenge which is great.
GABY: Feeling good, was a great weekend – feeling relaxed, ready and energised for the week.Good nutrition, switched to non-lactose milk and gluten free.
JEN: All on track. Moods still stable, despite being under quite a great deal of stress – it seems to be washing over me, which I love!!
GABY: Good work out in the morning – running and cardio circuit on the beach – I I beat my 25 mins to the pier so I added some extra circuit items before coming back!
JEN: My second Buti dance class at the gym. I am really feeling full of energy at the end of the day and can push myself in the evenings, which I have never really been able to to before.
GABY: Lighter, feeling good did Strengthen and Lengthen workout at the gym, feeling great.
JEN: Feeling a bit flat today mentally so I ended having an extra E3 Live shot before the gym – great energy boost and was able to come home and get some work done in the evening as well.
GABY: Cardio Barre plus Gillian Michaels workout in the evening – double session!! Nutrition on track, full of energy, went hard-core in the evening, exhausted, good sleep.
JEN: Did a spin and abs class this evening. Eating on track and feeling good.
GABY: Same as yesterday, feeling strong, did double session again at the gym (wow!!) with gravity and abs class.
JEN: Kangoo this morning – crazy exercise class, outdoors in bouncy Kangoo shoes (I will try to take a picture next week) I had loads of energy to push myself and felt strong and balanced.
GABY: Did Kangoo with Jen in the morning – really pushed myself up the hills. Relaxed at the beach at the end of the day. Relaxing weekend.
JEN: Beach day!!! Had a great rest day with Farmer’s Markets in the morning followed by the beach. I was a bit low on energy so decided to stop for a raw lunch at a cool place called Rawvolution (they also sell E3 Live in a shot and shake!!) Felt 1000% times better and then headed to the beach for a chilled afternoon. I loved it. Ready for W4!
GABY: Exhausted…. body in need of rest (haha) relaxing day off. Joined Jen for a raw lunch: mac and cheese and california rolls (all raw).
Read more about Jen and Gaby’s E3Live 30 Day Challenge and #beinspired by following our challenge participants http://www.E3LiveChallenge.comHow is your own E3Live Challenge coming along?  #whatareyouwaitingfor #e3live30daychallenge #brainon #e3live

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