E3Live 30 Day Challenge – Reba – Week 2

Reba finished week 2 of her E3Live 30 Day Challenge.  Read her journal below and check out her video here: E3Live 30 Day Challenge – Reba Week 2 Video


Day 8

photo-1Tuesday, April 8: Another busy Tuesday for me. However, I’m feeling very energized. Got up, too my E3Renew Me!, taught class, went to work and took my shot of BrainON. Around 2:30, I got REALLY REALLY tired. I wanted to run out and go buy some of the luscious Easter candy that has been around EVERYWHERE. I wish something healthy like spinach or kale would be round in our faces rather than this sugary candy. Oh, well. I decided when I get this urge at 2:30 I would mix my BrainON with some carrot juice. It WORKED. I was able to gain clarity and my urge for white chocolate kinda just went away!


Day 9

Wednesday, April 9 – Woke up, took E3RenewMe!, drank water, ran hills….3 miles. Feel FABULOUS. Off to work! No urges today. Excited to hit a 7:30pm Lava class at Fire Shaper Hot Yoga. Yup! I stayed there until 9:30pm and practiced my handstands! YEAH!


Day 10

Thursday, April 10 – Ooops, missed my alarm. Maybe partying at the yoga studio and doing handstands had something to do with it? Meh….being hard on myself. E3RenewMe! And I did two shots of E3Live BrainOn. My shots, I’ve increased. I need a lot of focus during my day. All I do is sit sit sit. It brings me down a bit. Taught my yoga class tonight with my ladies at American Woman Fitness Center. I had 12 ladies. Loving the love!


Day 11

Friday, April 11 – Alarm, up, E3Live RenewME! Weeeeeee! Hot Yoga at Fire Shaper at 6:30am. Yup, on fire and feeling fabulous! My shots of E3Live BrainON, I’m taking about 2-3oz. I feel so focused and wonderful! The other thing I noticed is my hair, skin, and nails. VERY healthy! Not bad for 43!?!? I’ve always taken good care of my skin and I feel like by taking E3Live products it gives me such a healthy glow!

Day 12

Saturday, April 12 – Ouch…..the wine last night gave me a headache. It didn’t stop me from staying on my routine though. I am determined to keep on track. Many times I think when we’re not feeling so great, we fall off the wagon. So, I still took my E3Live RenewME! and made sure I took my 2 shots of BrainON today. However, I ate a half a back of these chips. I couldn’t stop. I was bored. I had such a GREAT day at the gym. I taught my willPower&grace class. Feeling good except for the mini-headache. Then, the later part of the day, I couldn’t stop eating these chips. I had nothing to do so I dove into the bag like no one’s business! Ugh!

Day 13

Sunday, April 13 – Ok, so I woke up feeling so great that I took a hot yoga class before teaching my Barre Shaper class at Fire Shaper. I woke up around 6am, took my E3Live RenewMe! I proceeded to do some house work (cleaned the bathroom….UGH!) and I ate wonderful raw breakfast…..oats, ground flax & chia seeds, organic wild blueberries, organic coconut, raw honey, dash of cinnamon, and some almond/coconut (unsweetened) milk. Then, I had a 3oz shot of my BrainOn. Breakfast feast it was!

Day 14

Monday, April 14 – So, when I got up, I realized that I finished that bag of chips I started on Saturday. Check out my video. I’ll explain. In two days, I ate a bag of chips. The serving for this bag is 12, not a great thing on my part. Not stopping me though. I still woke up, drank water and had my E3Live RenewMe!, and went for my 3 mile run. The day itself was awesome. I am about up to 4oz of E3Live BrainON. I took the shot with my carrot juice. I feel really good. Oh! I lost 1.5lbs. That’s a step. I thought I would have been horribly bloated from the chips.

Summary of my second week: Although I did have some slips with my eating, I didn’t let it get me down. I am determined to still enjoy myself with a glass of wine, maybe trim the amount of chips, and stay on a good routine. Now, the weekends are tough so I am going to try to get a better handle on my eating habits on the weekends. Happy as heck! Peace out…..Namaste!



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