E3Live 30 Day Challenge – Marina – Week 1

Marina finished Week 1 of her challenge – read her journal and see what happened!  Go Marina!


I received my E3 live on friday and decided to start my program on monday March 31
Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays are my longest days at the studio I wake up at 4 to teach the 6 am class!E3 Challenge - Marina wk 1
Thawed out a shot of brainon  had my water ….coffee( i’m european a shot of espresso is the way we start a day…)…I was a bit tired even after the espresso!
got ready and before I left took my SHOT OF E3 BRAIN ON – it really helped….usually between my 6am and 9:30 am class all I want to do is nap….NOT today I did loads of office work I needed to do,  WALKED to my bank and came back taught the 9:30 am and then had to teach a private at 12( was still going strong full of energy!!) COULDN’T BELIVE iT!!
Came home for the short 2 hour Gap I had,took my renew me, which was perfect because it sort of cut my appetite , had another Shot of BrainOn and then I was off again to teach the evening classes !!
Couldn’t take it like this the rest of the week
Day Four
Woke up Took my E3Live BRAIN ON and Practiced early morning Bikram Yoga with my Husband ! Then I had a 9:30 am class to teach and a 11:30 Private ! Usually by the time 1 pm rolls around I am so drained( but I have no time for being drained its all one me !) .
I had no time to cook so we picked up some salmon salads and as usual took the renew me before….so far so good with the diet….the RenewMe is helping  when i take it BEFORE the meal!!
Took a shot of E3 BrainOn before having to teach from 5pm to 8 pm …….yes by 9:30 when i got home i was a bit knackered , and went straight to bed!
Day Five
UP at 4 …..feeling good though took my Shot of E3 BRAIN ON before heading out to teach the class that I lead( I practice while i lead this one, so it takes more out of me, need to be VERY awake an energized for that!!…..I WAS
Taught the 9:30 am and then had the after noon off……. my husband and one of my teachers took care of opening and teaching the afternoon class!!
much needed break…… I didn’t remember to take my RenewMe BEFORE eating and because I was home and my body was “relaxing”,
my body also saw it as a time to want to EAT EVERYTHING IT could. I guess you can say its logical I was running at 100mph and with salads and protein shakes,and nuts that my body felt it needed to fuel up before i did it all over again….UNFORTUNATELY my choices where BAD…..Bread  products(yes more then just bread) (im gluten/wheat intolerant) and loads of fruits,and I know very well when I need to sculpt down to the Kilos that i wish to be “sugars” even fruit sugars are a no no,or at least a treat once or twice a week!”
I was bloated and sick by night time…..slept AWFUL that night
woke up feeling EVEN WORSE…..
I was very sluggish and still VERY BLOATED….. had to teach the 8 and the 10 Back to backs !!
OH no this will be hard I thought!!! I took my Shot of E3 Brainon
well it wasn’t that bad, i was able to go strong giving 110% during my class (I don’t like to be that teacher who sits on the teachers podium and teach while sitting, I like to walk around the room and be present to my students) but as sluggish as I was , I thought i would have had to sit,
SO THANKFUL for the E 3 Brainon……I didn’t sit once!!
Did i learn my lesson on the Food…..probably not 🙂
I’m human,and sometimes the body’s calling is stronger then the minds discipline
lets see how week 2 goes
DAY 7 Sunday!
all in all I didn’t loose any weight that I wanted this week!! 😦
Didn’t gain either ( thats a plus) 🙂
I had the pep I needed to go through my busy days!!
loved the product so far, have been telling people about it non stop!!!
Here is to another week……cheers

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