E3Live 30 Day Challenge – Meet Cindy!

Meet Cindy!  She is a 51 disabled RN who will be taking E3Live + BrainON and E3 RenewMe for 30 days.  Cindy wants to improve her health, mobility, cognitive abilities and fitness levels.

Cindy - Challenge

Here is her journal from week one:

Day 1.  Hi Everyone.

I am super thrilled to be part of the E3Live 30 day challenge.

Wow is all I can say.  With a knock on the door the box was left on the front porch.  My precious box had arrived.  It was well insulated and packed with loads of goodies.  I received DVDs, a book, magnets, a shot glass, a few bottles of E3Live and Renew Me!  It was like Christmas.  It left me feeling teary eyed that I was picked.

Defrosting my week’s supply of E3Live was quick and painless.  My first dose was a tablespoon.  It left me perky, energized, feeling rather alert like I had a cup of coffee.  I love starting my day off with E3Live.  I am the kind of person who notices changes rapidly.  If I eat something good my body reacts positively.  My body enjoys the E3Live.  Its a good fit.   If I consume something that disagrees with my system such as MSG or other things that I am sensitive to, my body crashes big time.

My diet is vegan, mostly raw food.  A typical day starts off with a quart of green juice that meets most of the RDA and is packed with protein.  Lunch often is often some fruit with chopped nuts, maybe a green salad with lemon on top.  Dinner is usually light.  Sometimes more juice or a raw food meal, it just depends on how I feel.

Goals.  While I would love to loose weight, it is so challenging.  My body hangs on to it.  I tend to go for walks daily as my exercise or do a workout DVD at home.  My workouts are challenging for me as I have multiple sclerosis.  It makes it challenging as to the duration of the workouts and intensity.  I don’t let the diagnosis hold me back, instead I eat in the optimal way for my body and workout to the best of my ability.

Mostly I want to see how adding E3Live Brain on and the Renew Me will make me feel.  I want to see if I feel more alive, alert, if I can do more.

Day 2.  I wake up and head to the fridge wanting my dose of E3Live.  Down the hatch it goes.  I drink it straight as the flavor isn’t bad.  It makes my brain feel alert, ready for the day.  I don’t drink coffee and I try to avoid caffeine so E3 Alive Brain on is my morning pick-me-up.

Tomorrow I would like to increase the dose, adding in another tablespoon in the afternoon.  I would like to see if it keeps me from hitting the afternoon slump.

Day 3.  I have added in a afternoon dose of the E3 Live.  My energy feels a bit steady.  My mind is alert into the evening.

Day 4.  I wake up feeling tired.  I am not sure what is up other than maybe I am detoxing a bit.  I just don’t feel 100%.  It’s not bad, just a bit weaker, more fatigue, and a bit of dizziness.  Hopefully it will pass soon.  My body feels less stiffness.  I think perhaps the Renew Me is helping to decrease the muscle spasicity or stiffness that goes along with MS.  Sometimes when I stand up from sitting before the E3 challenge, my muscles would stiffen up.  I would have to stand still waiting for them to loosen up before I could move.  It feels like my muscles are looser.  It’s easier to stand up and walk around without the pause as often.  My back feels looser.  It was injured a few years ago when a MD did emergency surgery on me for a different medical issue.  He triggered something or injured something in my back.   It’s been acting up ever since.   It feels a bit looser easier to move.

Day 5.  Still detoxing.  Today I am treating my body with patience and compassion.  It’s time to soak in the sunshine and do gentle exercise, while I wait for the detox to pass.  I don’t mind the detox.  It’s good knowing my body is flushing out stuff I need to get rid of.  When my mother was pregnant with me I was exposed to horrible toxins.  Through my life I unknowingly was exposed to chemicals.  It feels like they are being released, thank goodness.

Day 6.  I wake up early at dawn, early enough to watch the beautiful sunrise.  My body CRAVES BrainON.  When I wake up, I automatically go the the kitchen to get my fix.  All is well.  I feel good.  The detox is releasing it’s hold on me.

Day 7.  Good Morning, I feel alert again when I wake up.  The detox symptoms are minimal.  I am going to hold my dose at 1 T. twice a day for a bit before I increase it again.  It feels good to be back to my usual and maybe a bit more.  Today I started doing Project Hope workout.  It’s a beginner 20 min. workout which I broke up into two segments.  Yes, I know I am out of shape. I have been working out for several years, but it’s been tough to make any progress when your battling a disease that messes with your physical strength.  I do the best I can. In addition to this workout I am doing exercises that my physical therapist has me doing.  I am also out doing small bits of gardening off and on during the day as my body tolerates.  My legs are a little bit stronger.  I can bend over a bit longer pulling weeds.

Follow our 10 participants on the http://www.E3LiveChallenge.com blog. And start your own E3Live 30 Day Challenge too! Wish them well! #e3live #e3live30daychallenge #brainon

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