THE E3LIVE CHALLENGE – Helping People Get Healthy!

As the New Year approaches, many want to “UNDO” Holiday excesses.  Most of us think of what can we take off?  Inches, pounds, calories, fat, flab – you name it!  We think it’s all about appearance. As you carve out your new existence, it’s important to fortify your body with good nutrition, to nourish and replenish.  E3Live, fresh-frozen AFA (Aphanizomenon flos-aquae) has over 65 vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential fatty acids and is considered by world renowned health authorities to be nature’s most beneficial superfood.  E3Live is a great addition to any get fit program! E3LiveshotglassLake

Here at E3Live we were recently inspired by one of our clients to start an E3Live Challenge  – to Help People Get Healthy!  Delores Travis will be documenting her 90 Day journey right here on this blog.  She’ll outline her goals, her plan of action, show photos and video and bring us along on her adventure.  During her quest, she has been armed with E3Live products which she’ll be taking on a daily basis and documenting how she feels physically, mentally and emotionally.  It’s interesting to see what goals people have at the start of challenges – as mentioned before many just think of the physical changes they desire.  What comes at the end of the challenge could be much more than they imagined.  For example – overheard in a yoga studio:  “I came in for a get-fit lift and left with an uplift!”

We’re excited for you to join Delores in her E3Live 90 Day Challenge!  And looking forward to inspiring you to start your own.

With love,

Your E3Live Family

2 thoughts on “THE E3LIVE CHALLENGE – Helping People Get Healthy!

  1. Delores, happy trails on this journey. Being an overweight woman myself, I understand the struggle. My only advice is to lean heavily on your support system of family, friends, and God, and also think about incorporating yoga into your regimen instead of vigorous exercise. Since May of 2012, it has helped me lose more weight than any aerobics or weight lifting program ever has in my whole life. I’m totally amazed!

  2. Thank you Melissa for the kind words!! I was just looking into a yoga class as well as Ti Chi as I have started a meditation group as well. This is about more than just losing weight for me. Its body transformation mentally, spiritually, and physically. I look for people that have already accomplished what I am doing and can share their story with me as that is where I get my motivation! I look forward to your kind words and tips on this journey and would love to hear from you again soon! Be blessed and be a blessing!

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